Winter riding set-up…

Snow everywhereYo, when it looks like this (see to the left) outside, it’s time to ride the trainer damn it all. I hate the trainer. I loathe the trainer. I’d rather do nothing than ride the trainer, but since I have been doing nothing for like a month (or more), and the snow is piled up outside, and I don’t have anything else to do, I might as well ride the accursed trainer. I already did my laundry for the travel I have coming up this week (Lansing, MI, and then Burlington, VT), I’ve already cleaned my bathroom. I suppose, I could always watch a million hours of Super Bowl pre-game, but that will only interest me for so long. So, again, trainer ride.

Winter trainingHere is the trainer set up right now, as it stands, in my tiny bedroom. Not optimal, but I’ve got the TV in front of me, iPod close by, and if I get really tired, I can hop off the bike, and jump into bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather ride outside, but currently, I’ve got no knobby tired bikes in DC with me, and to ride the road bike out in the crap out there right now, that would be, well, bad isn’t the word for it. I’m sure there would be pain and suffering, and NOT the good kind. Continuing on the cycling path of things, I was sorry to see that Franco Ballerini died in a car crash in a rally where he was navigating for the driver. Gone too soon I think. He won some races himself, and then coached the Italian team, and sometimes even got them to stop fighting amongst themselves, in order to pull in a few world championships and not to mention, a gold medal from Bettini in Athens. He had a good career on the bike, and off. I’m sure he’ll be missed. I’ll leave you all with this little snippet of the 1994 Roubaix with Ballerini throwing it down…
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17 thoughts on “Winter riding set-up…

  1. The Global Warming Fairy left up to forty inches of “settled science” up our way. We got off light with around twenty. Still took two days to dig out and I’d still be out there if I didn’t have a snowblower. So yeah, I’d say you got hit pretty good. Where at, if you don’t mind me askin’?

  2. why are people always talking shit about accumulation? Yeah, 26-30 inches sucks anywhere. So notme I assume you are somewhere where it’s manageable. Good for you. I’m in B-more with 26 inches of snow and I’m outta beer. But hey you are waaaaay better at shoveling that shit. Come on over. I’ll make you a pbj.

  3. …was in the velodrome in ’01 when he retired…class act.

    re: video snippet….let’s see…ride one of the hardest fucking races in the world on a “good day” and do it in the shit. and after 6 hrs, flat a rear tire
    and still carry on…

    i mean, c’mon…those are hard men.

  4. SO DON’T RIDE THE TRAINER. You can do squats, run, hike, or just sit around and explore the internet. Relax – rest is key. Seriously. gain some weight and enjoy the principle of long recovery. The best sprint I ever had was after two weeks OFF of the bike. I mean OFF. Drinking, over eating, and a small amount of snow shoveling. Shovel enough snow and drink enough brandy and you’ll win your first fucking race. Just don’t fucking MAKE YOURSELF ride on that thing, it’s not going to help you in the end – seriously.

  5. You live in the flatlands and it snows, sucks to be you. Perfect spring conditions on the hill today, rippin’ the steep, cut-up lines, never mind the clear flake coming out of the sky. Oddly quiet this afternoon, didn’t want to quit when the chairs stopped turning. Dang, I don’t get to ski again until Tuesday.

  6. You should bring the bike to Burlington. It’s been cold, but I’m looking out the window at bare grass and clear roads.

  7. Living in DC currently. I’d love to bring the bike to Burlington, but just coming in quick and fast, will only be there a day or so.

    I WISH I lived somewhere near a ski mountain. I would be out there. I haven’t skied much since I moved to NC, but I’m pretty sure I still got it.

    And Littlejar, I’ve taken enough time off (is 2 months enough)? Had to do the trainer thing, did it again this morning, working from home, and Reagan is back open for business so I can head to my favorite place in the whole world. Detroit.

    Next week though, Puerto Rico. I’ll take at least a half day to sit on the beach, and drink beers with sand in between my toes.

  8. Yea it sucks in winter and snow. Up here in MN. we build big Surleys with studded tires and ride anyway. Heck tires weigh more than wheel! Loads of fun when the salt comes off roads and we get “good” bikes out. Just saying….

  9. I’d kill or die for 30″ of snow. Got a loppet in two weeks with bugger all base and none in the forecast. :(

    30″ btw, is a proper, first rate, heap load of snow and will basically paralyze any city for at least a day or two but I’d take it smilin right now.

  10. Michael McNutt nailed it. Think outside the box=Build yourself a CHEAP cross bike w/ the priority being on UTILITY. No fancy parts, throw fenders on it & panniers(to hold more optional clothing), simple platform pedals w/ hiking boots (you walk worst case scenario)….thats right, its gonna be heavy. I’ve ridden to work for the last two months in flag this winter (record precip) 24 miles round trip- it’s not hard & w/ the Ipod its actually enjoyable. The key is breaking the expectation that youre present nice road bike & currrent clothing is part of the equation….your just gonna ruin it. Work horse bike w/ common technical minded clothing. Mag trainers suck.

  11. B-ton VT eh? I live up here too and the LACK OF snow has been terrible this year. My Black Diamonds just sitting in the trunk of my car all lonely. Screw the trainer, I want to hike n ski some fresh (without getting coreshots on the softie BD bases)

  12. There are always frozen waterfalls around to challenge you during times with little or no snow. Next stop Willoughby. Black Diamond makes ice tools too.