DC Wallpapers

I was digging in the crates (anything over school work, go figure) and came up with these two fine wallpaper images from days of yore. Thank you Snake Hawk. You are both a gentleman and a scholar. Click through to download large image.



What’d ya’ll think about DC wallpaper images? Funny? Stupid? Want to see more? Never want to see one again?

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About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

57 thoughts on “DC Wallpapers

  1. What does the greatest president of the twentieth century have to do with frencfries?

    And I’ll take all the peaches you can get, thankyouverymuch.

  2. big jonny,

    please don’t make me look at pictures of female anatomy. please? the occasional post here and there is fine but as wallpaper?

  3. T&A has been a DC staple since time immemorial. If you don’t like it, go to DIKESONBIKES or whatever.

  4. i think you guys need some actual pussy. like, some of you just really need to get laid, i think. that’s a thought that occurs to me when i see comments like “peaches make my tongue hard”.

    just sayin’.

    i know i’m totally gonna get blasted for this one, but it had to be said.


  5. Don’t do it as often as I used to. But when I do, the Earth moves as never before. Long time married to the right woman will do that, dontchaknow.

    And even if I were single and horny, wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole.

    So I remember what it’s like to be young. Sue me, already.

  6. Judi…let me see if I understand your theory: If you get laid, you’ll no longer be interested in pussy.

    This makes no sense.

    I have 9 bikes in my garage…by the same thinking, I shouldn’t be interested in cycling anymore.


  7. Don’t let it fret you Judi with any luck someday the little boys will grow up and actually get to play with a real live girl.

  8. Bet that judi girl gets laid less than I do. Not that I need the pill; hell no. But with her attytood…

  9. The Reagan administration tried to make a ketchup pack a vegetable to save a serving of actual vegetables in each school lunch. They estimated it could save $1B a year in meal subsidies for FRL kids. It was eventually shot down but Reagan is forever associated with ketchup, the ideal complement to fries unless you’re a gravy-dipping Canadian.

  10. But Judi has a different perspective on the joys of getting laid apart from the penis baring race.

    We (penis baring race) spend our entire lives wanting to get laid, whereas, Judi (nonpenis baring race) spend their entire lives choosing to grant or deny us the opportunity of said lay.

    The ball just isn’t in our court on that one (in most cases).

    With that said, I’ll take some peaches and I’ll like it. Every day of the fucking week.

    Burt friggin Hoovis said it right, I think I’ll go over to his page for more examples.

  11. “Judi…let me see if I understand your theory: If you get laid, you’ll no longer be interested in pussy.”

    Uhmmmmm….No. If you actually get laid you’ll be no longer interested in looking at pictures of pussy posted online. Cause, ya know, ya got the real thing in the other room.

    Just saying…


  12. peaches…pussy…ketchup…reaganomics…chimp…pruning trees…the ranch
    the ranch with peaches…the ranch with pussy
    reagan pruned trees with the chimp and ketchup
    personally, i like the ranch with peaches and pussy

  13. Judi has an excellent point, I need to get laid. Don’t know where I’m going with this… Kind of drunk.

    BTW, Snake Hawk, good job on the wallpapers. I have a picture and some info to send to this site regarding that of “VDB has a posse”. I believe that Snake Hawk produced the PDF for that graphic…

  14. From her posts, Judi seems pretty OK. Its not like she said it’s offensive and blah blah. She simply said she would rather not be subjected to looking at it.
    How would you feel if it were a pic of some dude’s hairy ass? I wouldn’t want to look at the shit either.

  15. Yeah, but DC has a long and distinguished tradition of T&A. Anybody not a complete idiot knows this going in. Anybody that has a problem with it should just stay away. This site never was for the thinskinned. And it’s not like this Judy person can’t put up whatever pictures she likes.

  16. Stay or go. Personally I get a kick out of havin’ ya around, kid. But yeah, sometimes it takes a pretty thick skin. But it’s all in the spirit of fun, and I bet I ain’t talkin’ out of turn if I say we’d miss ya.

  17. A word to the wise – take the comment section with a grain of salt. These cats can pile it on. But, it is all for funzies in the end.

  18. Judi, Judi, Judi.

    That’s the wrong direction.

    Yer better off kicking some ass around here.

    They’ll respect ya more.

    Post 3 pics of some doods.

    1 with a schlong for BJ.
    1 with a schledium for 99% of us.
    1 with a schlort for dave.

    Don’t run away honey. Get creative.

  19. ….PMSing and hormonal and SENSITIVE. look at me wrong and i cry. or i may slap you. who knows.

    but seriously. notme or whatever the fuck you want to be called. you crossed a line. and i hold grudges. let’s get one thing straight: i do not want anything to do with your diseased, limp, crusty old dick. EVER. i am happily not married to a bike mechanic/bartender named Dominic and he loves me very much.

    and just to clarify – i know what this blog is about. i know you guys like to look at pictures of tits and ass. who fucking cares? i send gnome pix of women to post just cuz i know YOU ALL would like them.

    ** i just asked for it not to be fucking wallpaper for gods sake. goddam jonny can’t you use pix of female cx racers or something?

  20. We’ve all been in this spot before. All of us. Me, Gnome, Bike Punk… Just don’t read the comments when they get gnarly.

    “not me” is one of the regular posters using an alias. Of this, I am sure.

    As for the wallpaper pics – they are seriously seven years old. Maybe even older than that. Way back in the day shit.

    I’m all for some new ones. But, I’m all thumbs when it comes to that shit. So someone else will have to make ’em up.

    Start here:

    Have at it boys. Make me proud.

  21. Well I’m not PMSing or hormonal or even particularly sensitive and I think you guys are being misogynist dicks.

    Notme quoting the very worst of the worst of Hemingway to describe his love life–a line most people gag at–makes it kinda funny though.

    Funny in a point at him and laugh sort of a way.

  22. The thin green curtain of internet anonymity makes the chump x factor go bananas.

    Buncha lame brotardo. Schwing.

  23. pretty much yeah…real yeah E.

    but i do know what to expect. i have been a silent observer of this blog for a good while now. none this shit surprises me one bit. furthermore, it’s just an extension of the bullshit i have to put up with as “the girl” at every bike shop i’ve worked at thus far. this is my life. every fucking day.

    i usually don’t vocally protest when the dudes talk dude talk blah blah fuck fuck fuck!!! i just kinda tune it out. and i’m not saying that you shouldn’t voice your disapproval. i approve of your disapproval. but i think you can do better than that. i agree with Col.Sanders…get creative. outsmart those fuckers. cause trouble. stick a clove of garlic under their saddle and then that shit rot until those fuckers can smell their own stinky hairy asses.

    it’s a rough raunchy road for a gal to trudge on this here blog, judi. but it was god damn refreshing to see you appear on here. if it’s too much of a mental burden to carry, GTFO for your mental health. but, damn, i really sure do hope ya stay!

  24. yo lauren,

    i know a girl who pits for her hubby in cx races (he’s racing with the big boys too). the guys can be suck dicks to her. sucks. hang in there. thanks for reading and thanks for the support, sista’.


  25. “…I think you guys are being misogynist dicks.”

    Not me. I make it a rule. I never hate someone I do not understand.

    Any man ever figured them out ??

    I’m working on a book. Not a word written yet but I got the title.

    “Men are from Earth, Women are Voodoo witch doctors”

    Only way I can explain the effect they have on us.

    Obviously I’ve been charmed enough to have only met the better ones. Not the whores/trollops/whatever that notme/dave has spent his life with.

    Ain’t I a lucky man ??

  26. Seriously? You’d let a couple “interweb” comments scare you off? You seem a lot tougher than that, Judi. Rolling into “guy culture” and surviving with your head held high should be nothing but another notch on the rifle butt. My wife loves snowmobiling…but in order to go, she’s got to put up with dick jokes, farting, burping, drinking and the occasional strip club. A lot of my riding buds would get all negative when they heard she’d be coming…until they rode with her and she kicked their asses AND had fun doing it. You should only keep doing this if you are having fun…and fuck the naysayers.

  27. Hey,


    Up here we spell Canadian like that, not the fucked up way you gave it a go. And in Quebec, if you’ve heard of that place, were there are some real kick ass cyclists and chicks, they call it poutine, which is a bit more than gravey and fries.

    I also notice that like myself, Judi puts herself out there for the oh so intelligent folks like yourself to comment on whereas I don’t see any big blogs asking for your imput?

    Just sayin… I’ve got big shoulders.