Soon, I am going to have a bad ass old school Trek MTB. All for under 100 bucks. Recycled bikes are the best.

MTB flames 002

What is that phrase I keep seeing? Chromo or….homo? Whatever. This frame is chromoly. I take it that’s a good thing?

MTB flames 003

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17 thoughts on “Flames

  1. Steel is real, baby! Flames are good for at LEAST 3-4 mph on the average downhill, from what I’ve read. I choose to rock skulls on my bikes as they increase speeds in a variety of terrain.

  2. i love my old steel motobecane. skull going on the front for sure. oh, and stickers. there’s a bump we need to cover up anyway.

  3. I’m confused.

    Is that a real shitty paint job or a real shitty picture ??

    Good on you either way sister.

    Re-painted a bike as a kid many moons ago and it was rad, groovy, bodacious and fucked up all at the same time.

    Something I’ve been striving to re-capture ever since.

    Suck to be me eh ??


    Go forth and ride young lady. I insist.

  4. Hey, I bet your first rattlecanned gaspipe ride is alot more fun than your twelfth crabon fibre bikeamajig. Not that there’s anything wrong with either one.

  5. @colonel – i think the lighting is really bad. it’s a beautiful paint job. when it’s all built up, i’ll take pictures outside, in natural light, just for you. :)

  6. During TdF season, I run Le Coq Sportif (a rubber chicken to Murikans) zip-tied to my stem. Le Coq proudly leads the way and makes my bike climb WAY better. Details are important.

  7. Egads your squeeze is not only a bike mech but an artist too.
    I’m thinking of turning gay and then getting jealous.
    Course its all confusing since I’m already straight and jealous of him.
    Head hurts now must lie down.

  8. It’s not recycled. It’s restored and rebuilt. I see from the seat stays that this frame is decent. Good job getting it done for $100. That’s hard to do these days.

  9. littlejar – ‘restoration’ means back to stock. ‘recycled’ means trash turned into a rad, totally different, brand new bike. (per dominic).