A cable end stuck in my foot

New rig almost done. Taking my time on ‘er. Had to machine an extra long nut to mount the front brake in a Kestrel fork, and made attempt at stamping an allen head. Had to grind it down to 8mm two sided. After grinding of STI stops round to flat, will be complete.

Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
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About littlejar

5 - Learned to ride in paved alley behind liquor store in Lowell. 16 - Road bike riding alone while peers do soccer practice. 18 - First new road bike bought with winnings from Project Graduation. 20 - Burlington VT. Nuff said. 22 - Joined the Air Force. 23 - Joined team Fair Wheel in Tucson - rode the Shootout. 24 - Rode El Tour in under five. 26 - Toured to Quebec City 28 - Toured Oklahoma to Vermont 30 - Found my dream bike - a 1989 58cm LaBan (#22) 32 - Experienced Minneapolis and saw BIKE CULTURE. 34 - Building my first bicycle frame, with a self made jig. USA

3 thoughts on “A cable end stuck in my foot

  1. Um, maybe you want the experience machining or I’m misunderstanding what brake you’re putting on there, but you can buy extra long nuts for the Kestrel and other carbon forks…

  2. When I think of ‘available’ I’m limited to the not-different-enough bike shop in the next town over, but in Mt. Vernon, I’m the bike shop.

    No shit, after spending 2 hours making the nut, I found a nice titanium one in my parts box. So it goes, but at this hour, the bike is done. Front derailleur cable was installed 10 minutes ago. Pictures soon.