Fuck the trainer

58 mile ride2

TITS (Time In The Saddle). Got that from Suzanne.

Yesterday we rode fixed for 31, today I rode solo for 58.

89 miles in 2 days. I’ll take it for Feb 1st.

58 mile ride

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

22 thoughts on “Fuck the trainer

  1. Winter riding gear-$700
    Studded tires-$150
    Riding all rear long, weather be damned-Priceless.

  2. thanks for the inspiration judi, now just where o where is that sweet, narrow, ribbon of asphalt?

  3. good on ya, Judi.

    @ Dave- it’s kinda hard to smile when your face is frozen and you’re squintng towards the sun, eh?

    just sayin’

  4. Nah, he’s a troll. If he was ignored, he’d go away. Can we all make a pact to not respond to him and his idiotic drivel? We can talk about him, but not at him…

  5. Is that the lovely Rt. 8 out and back? Not only are you hard core in the cold, you dodged plenty of ice that keeps me off the road. You are too awesome.

  6. When the thought of another regimented trainer/roller workout gets me down I go and ride with the wolves… Seriously, met one yesterday on the walk home from work. Besides, they are just as scared of an SS 29er as most freeriders are.

  7. No wolves oot my way, eh. More deer than you can shake a stick at, and I bet you could harvest one with a Twinkie and a ball peen hammer.

    Got black bear though. And coyotes if you go alittle farther west. Wild turkey (the bird, not the Bourbon, though it’s my drink of choice) abound. More common to see ’em in the warmer months, but their tracks been seen in the snow lately.

    Fuck, a blizzard’s coming tomorrow morning. I might just take a vacation day and ride until it’s time to gas up the snowblower.

  8. You shop at Gucci, Dave?

    lubes 2009-2010 winter collection:
    -2 Goodwill XL woolie sweaters for $4.99 each.
    -10yr old Nashbar tights = $15
    -wool socks = $12 (pricey!!)
    -bread bags for my feet = $1.79 (I ate the bread beforehand)
    -wool pants @Goodwill $4.99.
    -2 Pogies made out of windshield washer bottles/duct tape/zip ties = $2 each
    -cheap-ass wool gloves from King Soopers = $9
    -some beanie from REI (I do splurge sometimes) = $11

    As for T.I.T.S., we got ’em………

    I’m like summer vacation, baby!

  9. Nope, mostly what the LBS could get me for cheap. Plus a wool Surley jersey. That, I wear when it’s much below freezing.

    Normal(er) weather-B.D.U. pants (black), wicking tshirt, old wool crewneck from Sears, jacket half of a Field and Stream rainsuit from Dick’s.

    On my feetses are two pair of wool socks and Answer Kasmir winter shoes. They’d be my Sorels, but I need cleats for fixed gear which is about all I rede these days. Lizard Skins winter glove the Mrs. got me for Exmess, a cheipie balaclava from some bike/ski shop and my trusty Giro Transfer helmet.

    Obviously, Style Man I’m not. But it works.