Go Eat Yourself.


They might make you look like a shamelessly lazy fat pig, but these things are great for catching up with the ice-cream truck.


Thanks, VICE. Their harsh is always on time.

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10 thoughts on “Go Eat Yourself.

  1. Segways have never quite sat right with me as “alternative transportation”. They aren’t an alternative to driving – they’re an alternative to walking.

  2. Ha! So Toronto! This pic is from the ‘historic’ ‘Distillery District’.
    – Segways are not legal on public property
    – this is privately owned
    – 90 seconds to WALK across
    – the distillery boom was during your Prohibition…

  3. This is only the beginning. Segeway of RIchmond (VA) is renting off-road units. That’s right, the segeways have discovered our trial system. An invasive species, like privet and the snakehead. They don’t usually make it too far from the trailhead, though. I’ve rolled up on a few and they literally shit their pants when you spook ’em.

    I’ve often thought “training days could be party days, if I was just into that Segeway thing…”

  4. I wasn’t going to say anything, but yeah, that MTBer is wearing a full-face helmet and full body armor to ride a little slickrock? Dude, you look sweaty. Last time I rode Poison Spider Mesa, I about stroked out from the heat. And my mountain bike ain’t been that shiny since about 2002.

  5. Camel Toe Gnar.

    I just want to get up in there and jerk off in the middle of that mess claim’n shocker hells yea like my shit’s Iron Maiden Eddy.

    Radtardeness like that deserves nambla level homage.

    Fuck yea.