Birds of a Feather…

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Flock together, or so the saying goes…

Ricco’s babymomma tests positive for CERA. Shit, that’s soooo 2008! What, was there some juice leftover from ’08 in the bottom of Ricardo’s gear bag?

Think what you will, but I’m not so convinced The Cobra learned his lesson, let alone repent for his sins. Should he return to the pelican, I hope someone rides him into the gutter.

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7 Replies to “Birds of a Feather…”

  1. @1 okay, that’s a little awesome, but still. There was a time I was a Ricco fan because he was blazing up cols on the same Scott CR1 that I was riding. Only he probably wasn’t running a 27 cog like me.

  2. i was on the hautacom in 08 and saw those dopers go by so fucking fast it would blow your mind, everybody in the crowd, EVERYBODY, just looked at each other and said “drugs” in their respective language…as for his girl, it was of course administered by hot beef injection

  3. Hey Ricco, may want to dial back the dosage a bit eh? I have used the phrase ‘doped to the gills’ in the past but ‘doped to the twig and berries’? That has a nice ring to it doesn’t.

  4. where can in get some CERA? I’ve got the cash and promise to only use it for work. There’s about 21 cubic yards of plaster demo waiting for me and at 51 I could use a little help. If it just so happens I hang on to the the back of a group ride a little longer this spring…well I can live with that.