Hard Reset

Damn the man! Hiding from reality under the covers this mornin, I decided I was working from home. What about work? Shit, I’m about one TPS Report away from hiding an open can of sardine’s in my boss’ office. Fugg ’em. Coupled with the fact that my MBA program kicks off this weekend with a four day retreat and I’m ass n’ elbows deep in case studies, learning about 2nd and 3rd level derivatives and excel code for standard deviations, my body’s crashing. Time for a little hard reset of the internal CPU.


Bibbed up and headed out the door. Hell, not even a week ago we had a severe storm warning, a little snow and even a tornado watch. WTF?  Today was a little different…no need for arm warmers as it seemed about 70 degrees. Sorry to all of you in the midwest and east coast freezing yo asses off!


Funny thing about stress…sometimes it makes me ride harder just due to pure frustration and anger. At other times, the stress is insurmountable and I can’t even get out of my own way. Today it was the former, and time for some hill repeats. The anger and strain were quickly replaced by endorphins resembling opiates. Funny thing, those endorphins. The legs and lungs were on fire but the brain was elsewhere; on a mental vacation, if you will, in a place reminiscent of a dark corner in a strip joint serandipitously motorboatin some chic named Jade…but I digress.

Now, back at home and relaxing, I can immerse myself once again in study. I needed that. Now, only if chocolate santa would deliver my new shoes, all will be good.

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About Flodizzle

Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

4 thoughts on “Hard Reset

  1. I know exactly that feeling, and it feels so good to burn it all out, make yourself suffer.

    Nice shoes.

  2. 1) forget the sardines. Hide an open carton of milk in there, preferably right before a long weekend. Takes a looong time for that smell to go away.

    2) Photoshop. The sky is the wrong color. Everyone knows the sky is gray.

    Skated ten miles today, I’m wrecked.

  3. Ten miles o skate is large Mikey. Nice werk.

    Flo, congrats for miles on the MBA effort. You know the drill. Get ta werk, kid.

    And about that stress, word. it’s like a kick to the nuts. somedays though, it’s your nuts.

    dig it.