La Coka Nostra

I don’t know if you heard this shit yet. If so, word up. If not, check it. It’s my new fav. Mad play in the library. In fact, it’s all I’ve been listening to for three days. It is stuck on repeat.

Website here:

La Coka Nostra – That’s Coke

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Next joint is sound only – one ass static graphic just sitting there staring at ya. Damn. Great tune, thought. This ain’t about exciting visuals. This is about hip-hop.

La Coka Nostra – Revolution Up To Left

YouTube Preview Image

La Coka Nostra – I’m An American

YouTube Preview Image

“I’m an American. I need a blow job and a pizza.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

There is a ton more out there. Go dig it up.

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8 thoughts on “La Coka Nostra

  1. I’ve read through your blog. It’s very nice. Thanks for posting good insights. I’ve added you to my rss feed.

  2. so now, anyone can edit their comments for ten minutes after posting. fucking god damn genius some shit

  3. That’s evil. But…

    Plan C goals:

    1. Move to Detroit.
    2. Buy house.
    3. Join gang immediately.
    4. Buy another house.

  4. Sick. It’s like a time machine…I had Everlast’s solo album (a cassete) in the late 80’s, House of Pain and Cypress Hill in the early 90’s, and random mix tapes from Boston with all of them throughout. One thing dosn’t change..they make me want to punch someone in the fucking face….in a good way.

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