Calendar Girl


I was checking out bikesnobnyc today and was surprised to see him mention the bike co-op in my fair city, bikesaviours.


He sums it up pretty well HERE .

Now, even though I haven’t had much interaction with this co-op, they seem pretty legit.  I actually live in the same neighborhood as a few of although the calendar may be slightly comical,  I am left with one question: Why didn’t they ask me to be in it? Am I too dirty? Or am I just too sexy?

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About dirty biker

I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

4 thoughts on “Calendar Girl

  1. Which city are you in? Is it bike culture friendly? Mine isn’t. I live in shit car shit fuck vrrrooooom car land, with a shot of drive thru espresso. Fuck a bunch of this faucking place. (Mt. Vernon, WA) Just saw a dork fuck liberal sticker that says “My hybrid support’s global cooling” Well:

    MY BICYCLE SUPPORTS FUCK YOU! – is all I have to say to that head-in-ass statement!!!

    – the detached bike savior, me.

  2. Mr. littlejar seems a bit angry, but makes sense none the less. Here’s a fact I love: the largest selling Lexus vehicle in the U.S. is an SUV. And you can get it as a hybrid. People are so fucking stupid.

  3. When I logged in, the option package lit up like a Christmas tree!

    I love Little Jar’s sticker concept: “my bicycle supports fuck you”.

    Awesome. That’s ten miles of win right there.