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There is a possibility that the UCI’s Cyclo-cross World Championships could be held in the United States in 2013, making it the first venue outside of Europe to host the event. USGP director Joan Hanscom confirmed to Cyclingnews that she and partner Bruce Fina have submitted the bid to hold the event in Louisville, Kentucky in 2013.

This is an hour and a half away from me!

Hanscom said that they’ve been keeping the bid quiet, but UCI cyclo-cross coordinator Peter van den Abelee spoke of the possibility to the Belgian media today. She was encouraged by Van den Abelee’s statement that the US bid was the leader in the race to hold the event.

Got the link from Mitch at Bio Wheels.

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12 thoughts on “This would be so rad

  1. Yeah. I hear Louisville loves them some bikes.

    Anyhow while I’m totally stoked on the US getting a UCI championships…the venue? Louisville? KY? I don’t know what you guys do down there, but up hear in the pacific NW, we do some cyclocross.

    Bring your banjos, bitches.

  2. they have whiskey hand ups in louisville….and some girls get so fucked up they fall down and break their teeth on the pavement in the parking lot.

    yes, that happened!

  3. dr dood, please go away.The people of Taxachussetts have spoken and we all must abide by it.

  4. I’m all for a little resistance to the ramrodding of the healthcare bill. If more people hit Cross with the fervor they hit the french fries, there’d be less concern about cancer, and more concern about barriers that matter.

    So the Republican that came in with his truck and crushed the demo dream is fine by me. Better an incapable government, than one which has no restraint. Fuck them all. Just like in a good cross race. Nobody gets anything for free.

  5. I’ll tell ya what I think (as I am often prone to), I don’t so much care if President Obama signs into law a health care bill this week, next month or never.

    What I like is that the concept of national health care in this county is being discussed. Thoroughly. Emotionally. Seriously.

    As it needs to be.

    I believe this country can, should and will provide basic health care for all of her citizens within my lifetime.

    There is no reason we cannot do this. It would be benefit to business, a comfort to the employee, a savior to the young & elderly. We can take care of our own. We kick ass. This is possible.

    Ok, run with that for awhile. I’ve got a diaper to change and breakfast to sort out. I’m kinda like a community organizer or a mayor of wasilla… but with real responsibilities.

  6. My fault, I’m afraid, judi. It was I who rose to the bait. Throw in, or not, as you choose. It’s all good.