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13 thoughts on “The Jersey Shore Sound Board

  1. Son of a bitch, Jonny, don’t fuckin’ tease me like that. I saw the little croshair dealie and thought it was a shooting game…

  2. Caught my first real glimpse of that show last weekend…my god…I could NOT look away. My wife and I drank beer and watched a couple hours of it…she will totally appreciate the sound board.

  3. Me and the wife gave the jersey shore drinking game a go and were hammered before the episode was over. I’m surprised the little 100 lb thing made it past the first commercial.

  4. so i take it this shit is worth getting cable for….?

    is this for real? one can only hope…

  5. I only hope they dont replace Rock Of Love with this shit on MY side of the Atlantic.

    That shit ain’t shit.

    Look at me… 4 soundboard clicks and Im ALREADY hating myself.

  6. i woke up a little depressed. kind of like what in the hell do i have offer anyone? why am i not in a relationship? what good am i? then i saw the jersey kids and now i feel a lot better.

  7. This show’s the entertainment equivalent of watching a monkey beat off at the zoo. Almost literally.

  8. I thought Frank the entertainer show was CRAP, both shows are fighting for my toilet paper now