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16 Replies to “Is it 4:20?”

  1. I’ll bet that baby transfers at least 80% of the rider’s power to the rear wheel.

    I carried a GPS on my skate today: 9.5 miles in 83 minutes at 7 mph. I am worthless and weak.

    (Just as a comparison, the big swingin’ dicks of the Nordic World Cup do a 15K Freestyle (i.e. skating) in around 38 minutes. I feel slightly nauseous just thinking about that.

  2. I would love this bike, but if I run out…I would pulverize and schmoke that shit.

  3. that frame is made of pretense and bullshit. isn’t riding bikes enough? i mean if that shit’s worth a FUCK, it wouldn’t cost 4 month’s rent to sport some shit made out of plants. is there a secret compartment in the seat post to hide your….. quiver of platinum cards? leg shaver? cashmere dick warmer? range rover keys? revo sunglasses? emaciated tropy wife?

    throw the breaker, pricks. work’s over.

  4. kornhole spandex retarded: thanks. eat a bowl of my pissy cereal. if you must nickname my already nick of a name, out of respect for the real Snake Shady, i must insist you use something like “hawk.” there is already a snake in the house. i know, i know. so many spirit animals, so few keys on the keyboard.

    now i must get back to making lugs out of cheerios and bong resin. they’re totally proprietary. whatever that means, bro.

  5. I just wiped my pipecleaner across my stem and made my bike worth five more bucks.
    Husky wins

  6. All other things aside, a cashmere dick warmer sounds pretty damn nice.

    Wonder if I could get the blue collar version in performance fleece.

  7. In hi skoo, we gave our coach a jockstrap lined with fur in red and black, the school colors. He was a dapper African-American fellow,and I think he teared upas much as my English teacher when we got him a bottle of his favorite scotch.

    Yeah, I got a 4.0 bitches.