Mornin’ fellas

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As I am ahead of many of you by around 7 hours, here are my most recent coffee ramblings…

One. I used to live in Los Angeles. All over L.A. as it were, and had my fair share of idiots in cars harassing me. I would ride from Victory and Coldwater up to Laurel Canyon and Ventura to work, and back. Nothing special there, it was more or less a straight shot. I could (and did) use sidewalks at night, because i had no lights and didn’t really feel like cheating death.

Then I moved nearer to Koreatown/La Brea. Had to go up and over daily. It made me passionate for biking, and in turn, bike lanes. There were a few back then, mostly unconnected and poorly lit, poorly maintained and utterly useless when going past the Hollywood Bowl and Universal Studios. Coming home at night was worse, as all the Valley idiots were heading to the Burgundy room (or later The Room across the street…) to drink and hook up and do their ungodly worst Swingers emulation. (I was there to drink; hook-ups were tertiary at best.)

Anyhow, I worked in Studio City and there were always assholes who pulled the “Don’t you know WHO I AM?” bullshit. I said on more than one occasion that I didn’t give a rat’s ass, and they could go elsewhere if it was such a hassle that I was doing my job correctly.

More than anything it was around the awards shows that I hated most of all. In L.A. it seems you can’t escape it. It’s on TV, radio, people are talking about their favorite shows, movies actors and actresses. It’s infectious. It’s like SARS. You don’t want it in your head; There is no good reason to have it in your head, but due to so many other infected around you, you end up getting it. (And in a worst-case scenario, you retain it for longer periods of time than you really want to…)

So to make a long rambling post finally get to its point, I present to you Christine Hendricks; star of ‘Mad Men’.

My god, how I love a redhead.

(h/t to The Superficial for the pic.)

Also: this is a double-post from my blog. My content, I can be lazy and copy-paste too if I want…

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

13 thoughts on “Mornin’ fellas

  1. I agree with everything said and probably everything that will be said.
    Redheads are either horribly busted or gorgeous, it seems there’s no in between with them.

  2. all that rambling about places I’ll drive all over today at least you got to the point. I’m sure with the rain La will be a fukin nightmare of car wrecks and people will become bigger assholes as the week passes and the rain doesn’t stop… boo hoo for me its rainin and I’m to much of a d-bag to ride in the rain.

  3. LA? Been there. Done that. In fact, I just did six years there chasing the acting dream and I can tell you the place is a shithole. The town, the business, (most of) the people. Sour grapes? Sure, but as Kirk Lazarus might say, that don’t make it not true. The riding there is surprisingly good, as long as you’re willing to drive out for it. Which is fine once in a while. But even for a guy with as much free time as I had, it gets real old real fast.

    As for as the women there, sure, gorgeous as hell. But remember this, there is no crazy woman like an LA Crazy woman. Stealing from yet another Robert Downey, Jr, character, “It’s like someone took America by the east coast and shook it and all the normal girls managed to hang on.” All done with that, just moved to a sleepy little hamlet in Marin County at the foot of Mt. Tam and am enjoying some sweet riding from my doorstep again. 2010 looks good from here.

    Found this site about 6 weeks ago. I dig it.