Chattanooga drops the ball

From: Jiblogs
Subject: Sometimes my city really sucks

Bicyclist Hit, No Charges Against Car Driver
Traffic Investigators with the Chattanooga Police Department have finished their investigation of a bicyclist hit at 100 W 20th Street Monday.

Louis Oscar Milton, 65, was hit by a car as he rode his bike along the steet, suffering serious injuries to his head and leg in the accident. He is listed in critical condition at Erlanger Medical Center.

According to witnesses, Milton was wearing dark clothing, making it difficult to be seen. The driver that hit him will not be charged in the incident as Milton was also riding off center from the 3-foot curb allowance.

1st of all the man can wear any color clothes he damn well pleases. This is fucking America goddamn it. Second of all there is no 3 foot allowance. That is a misinterpretation of the law that says motorists must give at least 3′ of room when passing a cyclist, below is the law pertaining to cyclists. Which law was broken? Now anyone riding on W 20th street is not riding their carbon race bike. So this man likely does not have the money to do anything about his situation. Screwed by the system. Sometimes my city really sucks.

(1) Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, except under any of the following situations:

There is no “off center from the 3-foot curb allowance. A bicycle has a right to the roadway. Full stop.

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5 thoughts on “Chattanooga drops the ball

  1. Chattanooga can suck my sweaty balls. Fucking shithole. Retarded fucking inbrd pigfuckers all.

    What, you’re supposed to wear blaze orange? Maybe ride on the sidewalk? Or the bike lane, which probably doesn’t exist, knowing those F-Shitfifty driving, rebel flag waving pigfuckers. Jesus Christ, dude. Jesus tittyfucking Christ.

    And I want the balls of the “traffic investgigators” swinging from the trailer hitch of my 1988 Dodge Ram. Motherfuckers, I say we find out where they live and post the addy, wot?

  2. And we need Spike Bike. Scratch that; we each and every one need to get in touch with OUR inner Spike Bike. Ulocks ain’t just for locking up. And hell, a MAC 10 will just about fill a water bottle cage. Thermite grenades, anyone?


  3. According to that ‘logic’, if a car is 3′ from the curb, your tire better be scraping the curb (which is not control of a bike, obviously) It must be up to the cyclist to sense where every car is and move 3 feet away from the moving car, not the other way around. Must be that, no matter if the driver has poor vision, the cyclist needs to wear bright clothing, or getting hit by a car becomes no one’s fault. (but the cyclist) If I had a target on my shirt, it still would be illegal to shoot me with a gun.

    Fuck me running.

  4. I’m up in Knoville, sad to say, but Chattanooga is probably the most cycling friendly city in Tennessee…

  5. Peter is correct, believe it or not. At least the cops show up in Chatty when someone is hit or run off the road. They couldn’t care less in Nashville.