New beater bike

Soon, this…..


is gonna be on this.

MTB 002

It’s a Trek 830 – about 13 years old.

I love getting new bikes! Especially old school, rebuilt bikes. The paint job is going to be a trip. Dominic is playing around with an airbrush. Stay tuned for it.

In other news, I signed up for a 12 hour bicycle race on May 1st. Time to get crackin’ on some century rides soon.

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11 thoughts on “New beater bike

  1. I have always wanted a Trek 990 from about the mid 90’s. Coffee Brown. Tange Prestige. I doubt I’ll ever score one. I’ll be stoked to see how your rebuild turns out though.

    As for what “MM” has to say, this is the drivel from his shitbox website:

    I’ve ridden once this week and don’t feel at all guilty about it! As I wrote last week, I had a slip-up and fell over last Friday, whacking my knee on the bars. Well, after pushing hard on the turbo over the weekend, my knee and Vastus Medialis were swollen and VERY sore, so I chose to go easy this week.

    Double fucking yawn there limp dick. Yer shit is Weak Sauce.

    And for the Kernel, well he’s right. Big Jonny has the pinkest kona ever made.

  2. i’ve never had the color pink on any of my bikes EVER. no pink bar tape, no pink tires, no pink saddle, no pink whatsofuckingever. my fixie (which is an old 70’s motobecane, is army green with orange lugs. this is my first fucking pink bike and it’s gonna be bad ass.

    hey mm – can you strip a bike and paint it? show me what you can do motherfucker. lemme see some of the bikes YOU have built.

    sheesh. fuck.

  3. A little jar of pink. And no god-damned reference to some big charity. Airbrushing is something I’ve always wanted to do. I do rattle can now. This last Spring I had given to me a ‘carcass’ bike – a TREK 950 with the beautiful seat lug and fork crown. I had it powder coated black for $75. I then traded it with fiance Katie. The frame has lugs so some pink highlights would have DEFINITELY been called for. I’m waiting for my first carbon bike frame to cure so I can build it. Today, or tomorrow. I can’t wait. I know some tricks on getting frozen seatposts and bottom brackets out, by the way.

  4. I sorta don’t like Treks made in the last ten years, but my first mountain bike was a Trek 850. I got a 950 later on. Recently I pulled a mint 970 out of the Leadville dump. It had a pink chris king headset on it, and some old school Onza components. It’ll make a cool project bike, as soon as I get round to it. Amazing what people toss.

  5. little jar-

    you can still paint lugs a different color w/ spraypaint. just tape them off. i like black and pink. thats what this bike is going to be. the fork will be black and the frame hot pink.