Cipo at Gent Wevelgem in 2003. He won it in 2002, . But 2003 went to Andreas Klier. This was not Cipo’s year.

He was, in fact, disqualified for throwing two water bottles at one of the commissaires.

Yep. He’s got quite the arm.

This next vid, is, um, fucking hilarious. This translation/explanation from

He was also featured on the Italian version of Punk’d. The premise for this video is the following: A kind man in a tiny car tells him that some dudes broke into his house and stole all his bikes. A minute later, an RV goes by with all his bikes…and thus, the men in zebra stripes give chase. Watch and learn.

Credit: First, And, second, with commentary,

I kinda miss that guy.

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7 thoughts on “Cipovision

  1. Not everyone looks awesome in a zebra stripe skin suit. Maybe it’s the hair. Cipo always had awesome hair.

  2. Mario “I have many beautiful things” Cipollini.

    It was always fun to see what he would get fined for next.