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19 thoughts on “I’ll give you numb

  1. Ya know.

    Nevah understood 2+ babes making out being an attraction.

    Just means they be lezbos, or going for the coin which I don’t have.

    Either way, they ain’t fucking me with a stolen vagina.

    Where’s the thrill ??

  2. I don’t care if it works for you lame-assed missionary/vanilla dead-fucks or not, I think it’s hawt.

    Thanks snake.

  3. It’s a fake kiss performed by straight girls. It’s almost a turn off. They know they are good looking and love the attention it brings. This type of act is becoming a performance art for attention deprived / addicted (prude) sluts. Does that make any sense?

  4. Has the original DC crowd moved on, e/de-volved or whathafuck is going on here?

    Jonny dumped the porn and there is a bunch of whining, “wheres the porn?”…
    (maybe a dozen keystrokes away)

    Now snake puts up a pic of two girls making out and there are complaints about it being fake. ok. seriously?

    hard crowd to please, but maybe everyone has had their fill of fake from the daily grind…

    makes me think of a song by the minutemen.

  5. Thank you Pirata. I have been seriously confused by this thread. Although I don’t know which minutemen song you’re referencing, how bout just some live shit…

  6. Good point. Gotta love Jesus and Tequila and gotta love two hot chicks making out regardless of their true intentions…

  7. Oh yeah, good live stuff, and a generous portion. in Boon’s final year no less.

    Fake Contest is the song I was thinking of initially, but now I have Corona stuck in my head, which isn’t a bad thing far as I am concerned.

  8. BTW – For you minutemen fans out there, the we jam econo dvd is pretty sweet. Also, the Mike Watt interview on Markprindle.com is a good read…

  9. For you Minutemen fans out there: check out the We Jam Econo DVD. Also, Mike Watts hootpage (www.hoopage.com) is sweet plus the interview with Mike Watt on markprindle.com is bad ass (as is the site)…