Under armour, thermal, wool, shell. Under armour tights, running tights, bibs. Glove liners, gloves. Balaclava. Wool socks. Shoes, shover covers.

It took me nearly an hour to get dressed. Then there was drama with my pedals…..and then I finally got out. The sun was shining.

And an hour and a half later I’m feeling normal again.

cold ride 002

Look, you can see the snot in my nose.

cold ride 003

Everything’s melting. The sun is out, and I am outta here. Off to acupuncture. It’s going to be better, and tonight, I will sleep like a baby.

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About Judi

Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

13 thoughts on “Better

  1. Cinci is a surprising pain in the everything when it comes to cold. I actually have been wearing long sleeves in the basement on the trainer this past week. I thought of wearing tights.

    Good ride.

  2. I have a rule of sorts. I’ll only get dressed to ride out side if my destination takes longer to reach than the time it takes me to get dressed. Sometimes I take the scenic route to make the cut off.

  3. Ya’ll in the east are tuff cats. In flagstaff, we have warm sunny days just 30 miles away in Sedona and without that, I can not imagine being tuff enough to hit the roads in all that cold although, I did try once to stay up here for a winter of riding out Lake Mary. My bottles froze. I took that as a sign. No bueno.

  4. What the lady said. I been layering up every day this year but one. I’m giving myself permission to drink Bourbon and harass all y’all in my skivvies. Tomorrow it will be a balmy forty degrees. But today I am sitting in with the Mrs. and the kittycats. Life goes on.

  5. Judi, you gotta get better at the transition/dress time girl! It took me 20 minutes to dress for my ride today. Didn’t have to layer quiet as much. But it was GREAT getting out on the road and in the sunshine. Just had to stay off hills and out of shaded areas. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  6. Alls I know is without the studded t(i/y)res I been runnin’ I wouldn’t a been goin’ nowhere. Does that count for anything? And I need a day off. Never mind why, I just do.

  7. Remember that West where it is warm is South West. Those of us in a more northern western latitude are freezing the balls off our brass monkey.

  8. One way or another I stop at three layers. If that’s not enough it’s time to run, wax up the skinny skis, or sit on the rollers. I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.

  9. In-betweeners got it the worst. When I can’t bike, I ski. Shitty little brown snow banks and patches of snow won’t cut it. If you were getting feet of the shit you’d be laughing.

    Good on ya for braving that cold wind. Keep yer head up, kiddo.