when the going gets tuff, me too.

i rode this big jerk of a bicycle up a big jerk of a hill today.


it’s metal as fuck and weighs in just shy of the 50lb mark, what with its lo-ten tubes and all.  i once gave a tap of the screwdriver on the top tube to see what sort of pretty ring could be produced.  it sounded like the terminator bodyslamming robocop into the golden gate bridge. 

given the girth of it, there’s no wonder that my little jaunt turned into a pop-V02 max quiz.  stinging.  burning.  daggers from the bottoms of my lungbags were sticking in the roof of my mouth.  there were a couple of leaky mouth instances, where my struggle to retain control of the bars borrowed precious energy otherwise being spent on keeping my lips together.  it was agony– beautiful, wintery, and circular. 

glad to have done it.  the errands are done, jerks.

in other snewz, i have been artmaking some shit with bikes in it.  just because i love to paint, and i love bikes.  for now they’re just watercolor sketches, but perhaps as my mind grows dense with MLA terminology and Anthropological taxonomy this semester, they’ll bust out onto some full-size shit in an effort to keep sunny.



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7 thoughts on “when the going gets tuff, me too.

  1. …’the fuck you talkin’ about son…THAT is what all our bikes for riding dirt looked like before the name klunkerz came along…

    …those beget those w/ gears n’ shit & the ball was fucking rolling…

    …every ride was on one a’ those “metal as fuck” machines…

    …just sayin’…

  2. I see the little Pirata in those paintings. Blood drip’n off diamonds. Man, what a player that dude was. The further the doping days of cycling get from the here and now, the more I miss those times. That racing back then was simply superb.

    I rallied the townie over to sams club today to see if I could nab one a them dolls, but they were out. So I got a branch of Brussel sprouts and some lotion for 5 dolars. Whatev. Felt good to do it with muscles. beefcake on the circulars. Werdz.

  3. Ive always thought, if you trained on something akin to what was considered a road bike a few to many decades ago, and maximized your cycling discomfort, it would make you a much much better racer if you raced on something modern.