every once in a while

when i encounter acts of stupidity that also qualify as humorous i am tempted to share with the wider world.

this morning the alarm went off at 5am sharp. since i am a bicycle industry rep these days i usually dont start that early, but this being a sunday and me having committed to Bill p. and Damage McGehee that i would join them for a 75 mile ride, i popped out of bed, bleary eyed, and headed down for coffee.

you know the routine from there … bottles, clothing, chamois cream, helmet, lights, blah blah blah

since i have not ridden 75 miles in about a year, it was no surprise that my ass was a little raw, neck a little sore etc.

sore neck/back is understandable… sore ass too … when i peeled off my bibs to discover i had left my underwear on while dressing in the dark.

worth a laugh.. at myself.

have a good sunday.

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3 thoughts on “every once in a while

  1. I was hurrying to get out the door in time to make the local Saturday a.m. group ride and threw everything on as fast as possible. I made it out the door in enough time but kept feeling like something was a little bit off. Seemed like I was sticking to the saddle a bit more than usual in particular.
    Less than a quarter mile from the parking lot rendezvous, I looked down and discovered I had my shorts on inside out. I generally wash them this way and just hadn’t noticed, it really didn’t feel much different. Fortunately I was able to duck into some trees and do a quick change before rolling up and launching what would likely have been relentless heckling.

  2. Hell, I headed out this morning…. coffee, helmet, layers of wicking fabric, etc… when I hopped out of my truck at the trailhead I discovered my bike was left in the garage.

  3. Went to Casa Grande to do the Casa Grande Century today. My friend had to pull off to take a shit every 15 miles after eating Chipotle last night. One of those days.