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11 thoughts on “thanks to this….

  1. I’m think’n two bikes one skinny slut, one case of beer, some spare tires,parts and a laptop for maps and weather to stay the HELL out of the wind. Hey I just quit saving for retirement!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks DC

  2. Save the paintbrushes for yard sale signs. Or FLAT, NEED HELP signs. Or for making a sunflower in the bathroom of your ‘funky’ flat in the outer city.

  3. Retire ?

    Yea. Retire from living.

    A ride like that would last 5 minutes on the roads in this country before you got flattened by some 5 foot tall Hummer driving bitch.

    Go for it.

  4. (colonel, it’s just a little good-spirited shit-giving. if there’s an insult tucked away in my words, by all means, jai-alai me, brother.)

  5. Hey Snake…..not pissing on the pillow of anyone. Just tired of all the biker down posts and that ride just screams biker down.

    The colon back in colonel ? Damn I must be getting old. I actually like that.