When nine became ten

The last time we flipped a decade, folks were stocked up on canned goods and paying out the ass to have source code updated. What’d ya mean this thing can’t count past 99? 1900 and 2000 are the same, eh? Awesome. Bring on Y2K. It came and went and we’re still here.

Then nine became ten. People thought it meant something. Decades always mean something, I guess. They define generations. They define pop culture. Art. Music. Politics. Just what it is, I’ve not been able to sort out. Yet, anyway. I guess it’s as good as a time as any for some people to look back and reflect. Myself included. Laugh. Cry. Bitch. Moan. Ten years is a big deal, right?

To some, anyway. To others the whole thing was little more than a blur, the weekend and the decade. Micro and macro-blurs. Hell, go for the twofer. When opportunity knocks, right?

That all aside, it was quite a Decade.

Looking back, from this lofty perch at the kitchen table, laundry strewn about, girls upstairs napping, there sure was a lot to it. It was a good decade on balance. Celebrated ten years of marriage last year. My wife and I had two daughters. My wife, always the leader, went through law school first. And, now, at the tail end of the decade, I am following in her footsteps. I rode bicycles a whole lot over the last ten years. All over the place. Hit up a lot of fun events. Met quite a few interesting people. Got it out of my system, pretty much. Had the rest nailed out by a car. Now it’s all pretty much out of my system.

Waking up the hospital is not something I’d recommend. I don’t care how bored you are with your existence. You don’t need it. So, that happened. Then I saw a guy go to jail for hurting me. Still recovering from the whole process, really. It has taken years from me. The cool kids in flagstaff make stickers. They read “drunkcyclist is neither”. Because I don’t ride bikes like I used to (because I can’t ride bikes like I used to), I don’t write stories about bikes like I used to. So, I’m not a cyclist like I used to be. Awesome.

I’m half way done with law school. Arguably half way done with life as well. I’ll be 40 this spring. I’ll make it to 80 if I’m lucky. Not trying to get too morbid on ya, just calling it like I see it. My mid-life crisis seems to have been defined by two events – getting hit by a car and then enrolling in law school.

Strange to write it out, as I sit here thinking of it all, I almost can’t believe it has all occurred. It has been one hell of a good ride so far. I’d say I’ve been blessed, but it sounds strange coming from an Atheist. I’ve led a charmed life. The rest of it ought to be grand.

Looking outward, rather than inward, cycling brought us complete and utter dominance by Lance Armstrong. In the Tour de France and otherwise. He single handedly pumped up the volume on North American cycling. Bike sales were up, the visibility of racing increased. Positives all around. Some really great Tours in there, too. Not so much action from some as others, of course. Kind of had a feeling of inevitability, watching Armstrong control all comers. It felt a lot like the glory years of Michael Jordan. He was another athlete who transcended his sport and became a household name in the United States.

Other names come to mind; men like Contador, Cavendish, McEwen, Hushovd, Freire, Voigt, and Schleck lit it up across France. Low moments include such names as Rasmussen and Landis. They’ll be remembered for other reasons.

Looking back, the Giro was a much more exciting race than the Tour, at least for me. It was wide open a few of those years. Names like Petacchi, Di Luca, Simoni, Cunego, Savoldelli and Menchov come to mind.

The Spring Classics were, as usual, off the hook. Names like Boonen, Van Petegem, Ballan, Devolder, and Cancellara. Many more too, I’m sure I’ve missed a dozen or so. At least than many.

Looking back, surveying the landscape of what has passed, I can only say that the last ten have been great. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next ten.

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About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

19 thoughts on “When nine became ten

  1. The double ots were not as cool as the 90’s, for that was when I met your wrecking ball ass. The tenskis will probably be known as the decade that runs out of honey. Or the decade in which the mousetrap kills the cat.

  2. …nice “decade ending” reflective piece…bottom line ???…we all just keep rolling w/ it…

    “drunkcyclist is neither”…funny as hell…

  3. Hm, 2000 was the year I bought a mountain bike, after abandoning my college-era, two-wheeled transport after graduating and getting a “real job.” So the aughts were an awesome decade as far as I’m concerned. As for DC being neither, hell, I’m frequently drunk and I ride a lot, so fuck the haters. heh heh

  4. damn, I have to go with dave on this one. There was no year zero, they started with Anno Domini 1.

  5. 2010 means: older & fatter for sure and hopefully wiser. I can’t fully reflect or initiate the “ride more / lose weight” resolutions until my football team is eliminated or wins big. Maybe someday we can have a December 31st superbowl to bring things into alignment.

  6. …don’t worry, bg_cyclist…i’ll defer to you on the next three political comments where dave just can’t help himself & you can have july 4th…you know he’s gonna need it on that day…

  7. This has been the decade of my life. I met my future wife in 2000 and never looked back. She has inspired me and turned my life into a positive. Thanks for the reflection time Big Johnny. My life is with you and those that rode with you in the days of yesteryear.

  8. “drunkcyclist is neither” stickers – that is truly some funny shit, mostly in that someone actually felt the need to go to the effort to make them.

    How about “my attitude is bigger than yours” for the flag kiddies?

    When I reflect back on the last ten the one thing that continues to hit me as how fast it seems to have gone. Like time is accelerating.

  9. “When I reflect back on the last ten the one thing that continues to hit me as how fast it seems to have gone. Like time is accelerating.”

    True dat pirata. I can’t believe I’m gonna be 36 this year…I still think of myself as like 26…then I get up and walk in the morning…

  10. You might not get to ride as much as you did, and you might be in law school, but its the pasion for all of this that defines you, and the reason so many of us come back to your site to read what You have to say. Last time I checked there was nothing wrong with getting married, going to school and making a better life for our families. Hell I wish I had kids in flag making stickers about me, pissing on me for making a good life for myself. I would take that shit as a compliment..As a fellow forty something its cool to watch how its changed. I think those of us that are your age know that its not selling out….its just growing up.. I hope you are still doint this 20 years from now.. keep it up..As for getting hit.. its what shrinks call a significant emotional experience..and they are the things that make us stronger.

  11. sommerfliesby – I am right there with you.

    Sometimes I stop and think about things and catch myself thinking, holy shit, you are seriously an adult now, you need to grow up. And then I wonder if I am actually grown up and this is just what it feels like for everyone else, or if maybe I am seriously refusing to accept the obvious.

    Guess as long as I am happy and not hurting anyone it can’t be too bad, right?

  12. Well said folks.
    In only three sentences, Pirata speaks my language of being 37 with my own family and home and behaving as a very experienced 27.

  13. For me, it was when the kid graduated from college. You simply cannot have college-educated children and not be an adult.