Ole Ritter and the Hour Record.

The Hour. Ritter had it in 1968. Lost it to Merckx in 1972. He tried to retake the record in 1974, beating his own prior record, but failing to match the massive 49.431 km of Merckx.

Merckx’s record stood firm until Francesco Moser broke it in 1984. The story continues with the efforts of Obree, Boardman, Indurain and Rominger. Today we’ll stick with Ritter’s 1974 attempt.

The Impossible Hour Part 1 of 5

The Impossible Hour Part 2 of 5

The Impossible Hour Part 3 of 5

The Impossible Hour Part 4 of 5

The Impossible Hour Part 5 of 5

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11 thoughts on “Ole Ritter and the Hour Record.

  1. Forty nine thousand four hundred and thirty one kilometers in one hour?! Holy fuck! Eddie Merckx is GOD!

  2. I like how Moser took a bunch of EPO, then went out and rode a faster time when he was 41 than he did back when he was still racing.

    Italian cycling innovation, baby…!


  3. Incredibly wicked cool TV to watch. Boy, I’m stoked. One thing I just cannot understand, though, is why someone would want to ride right behind a motorcycle?!?!? And, a Benotto bicycle weighing 450g? That must be on the moon, right?

  4. Awesome footage. I sure wish that more guys would give this ago. It seems like Obree’s superman bike threw a monkey wrench into things. It hasn’t really been attempted in quite awhile-has it?