Warm and Fuzzy

Despite what opinions you might harbor regarding ‘ol one nut and his entourage, hearing about what Lance, Johan, et al. did for Fatty speaks volumes. Volumes. It’s not every day that someone’s invited to attend a team training camp and mingle among the team, pro’s and staff alike. Reading all about this just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. You see, right now it’s not all about what have you done for me lately, what’s owed to whom and so on. It’s about giving. And helping.

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you who helped Fatty and contributed to the World Bicycle Relief fund and Livestrong Foundation. Thank you! And while I’m in a good mood and tipping my chapeau, I’d like to thank Team RadioShack, the Trek-Livestrong U23 team and everyone else who made the trip out to the Old Pueblo. I hope you enjoyed your stay and had a good time on the trails…Speaking of which, I would have paid good money to watch a bunch of euro roadies attempt to navigate through cholla cactus mine fields and rock gardens. Seems some weren’t so keen on the idea.

Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe and enjoy the trails!

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7 thoughts on “Warm and Fuzzy

  1. Awesome. One question, though… what odd material was used in the fabrication of those MTB frames? It almost looks like… no, couldn’t be. No one would make a fullie out of that stuff.

  2. Say what you will about Lance, but a few points. He may have doped, but he raced against a bunch of other dopers and beat them. Sounds fair to me. Not too many of the other great cyclists through time have done something like Livestrong, and most people I know that talk shit about him don’t do a whole lot of charity either. Know what Lance did on Thanksgiving every year he raced TDF? Rode. Long. Facts are, it’s likely he doped and lied. Other than the lying, he’s a badass who works harder than most and spearheads a ridiculously successful charity. I’m inclined to cut him some slack.

  3. ^^Right on Fatty-if thats really you. You are doing some amazing work in your own right. Great write up bro-sounds like an awesome weekend!

  4. Yup LA is guaranteed to have his fair share of shit talkers but on he goes, fightin’ the good fight. could be worse, I was a little sad that John Tomac, one of the greatest mountain bikers of all time, who lives right outside of Durango didn’t wanna come and play at sswc, while Ned obviously didn’t f-around, getting 4th. whatev go LA

  5. This all reeks of false hope and the inevitable tragedy of the pelican.
    Friends of Fraudulence for dolla’s.
    What this cuntry is founded on right?

    Yea. Just say’n. Go L.A. GO!