Ik Ben God Niet

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About a week back in my life of Second Year Law Student Dumbness, I came home after a final exam in Constitutional Law and popped in the Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2003 DVD.

Because that shit gets me stoked.

One hell of a race that year. Actually, it’s one hell of a race most years. Hamilton came up with the Big Win on that day. I cheered him then and I cheer him now. Equal tools, equal chances. I don’t believe he was ever doing things that the majority of his peers weren’t doing as well.

Frank Vandenbroucke also raced that day, as the leader of the Quick Step-Davitamon squad. He finished in eleventh place, 40 seconds back. He didn’t show much that day, but his name was emblazoned in white paint all over the roads. VDB, VDB, VDB. One sign read “God is Terug.” The same phrase in English, which was also painted along the roadside many times, is “God is Back.” There were supporters waving huge flags with his face printed upon them. You think that guy was under some pressure? You’re damn right he was. Why do you think his autobiography was titled “Ik Ben God Niet”? It means, simply, “I am not God.”


And, now, God is Dood. (See also Life of Drugs and Delusion Left Broken Hearts Along the Road by Samuel Abt)

The next day when I was back in the library, I hit up google and found these:

Tribute to Frank Vandenbroucke (1) – Liège-Bastogne-Liège 1999

Tribute to Frank Vandenbroucke (2) – Vuelta a España 1999

Tribute to Frank Vandenbroucke (3) – Career overview

My conclusion in four words: VDB Has A Posse.

Damn straight.


Front counter at Revolution Bikes, Flagstaff, Arizona.
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Remember kids, you can download the pdf at vdbhasaposse.com.

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6 thoughts on “Ik Ben God Niet

  1. I thought about VDB yesterday too. Thanks for sharing that race footage with us. Special moments, for sure. I wish I had some silk screening equipment.
    I want that on a ahirt, by all means.

  2. So, does VDB have a posse because he is a doper or because he pulled some badass shit against dopers while doping? conundrum……..or does it matter?

  3. My response in 6 words,
    Wanker was a doper, Fuck him.

    This posse shit is merely giving his memory a significance that it does not deserve.

  4. My take- he was doping, Ullrich was doping, they all was doping. Take away the constant and all the results are the fucking same. You don’t have to join the posse. You could stay republican too.

  5. I don’t care about the dope, but that is one sweet repair stand in the photo… Looks like a skinny guy could crank out pullups on it.

  6. It took a Maan to make that shit. I just know it.

    I hung on it like monkey bar, did a few flips, a sowcow, a double fly away release with only one step back on the landing. You know, let the panties fly, and that shit never flexed.

    God damn son. Them shits is Maan made.