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The good Dr. Ferrari is still working with professional cyclists. Awesome.

Controversial Italian sports doctor Dr Michele Ferrari has revealed he still works with 10 professional riders but refused to name them and insists he has always been against doping.

Ferrari confirmed that Lance Armstrong is no longer one of his clients but said he considers the seven-time Tour de France winner a friend who he occasionally talks to.
See cyclingweekly.co.uk.

He’s always been against doping and I’m an astronaut. Yeah right. He’s knee deep in that shit. See Gewiss-Ballan. Run a google search with the terms “ferrari epo orange juice”
and see what you get. I got 2,600 pages.

I sit and watch as the river keeps rolling by…

From: Nate
Subject: Williamsburg bike lanes
So, Christians are against abortion and porn, Muslims are against creating images of animals and people, and apparently Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn are against hotties on bikes: huffingtonpost.com.

I’ll take my unorganized, haphazard, made-up-by-me-from-what-little-I know-of-all-religions religion thanks very much. Cheers to hotties on bikes!

Get rid of the bike lanes because women happen to pedal by? And these women won’t ride bikes on that road anymore if the white line demarcating the bike lane is removed? No line, no bike lane, no bike lane, no bikes, no bikes, no hotties on bikes? Is that how it goes?

Yeah. I don’t think so.

And, secondly, if these women no longer ride bicycles down this particular stretch of roadway, won’t they just instead get their stroll on, ride bus, or drive a car? They are still going to need to go from Point A to Point B regardless of their method of travel. The inescapable conclusion is that you are still going to have hot girls in your neighborhood, buddy.

My third point is be careful what you wish for. A lot of guys in a lot of neighborhoods would love to see better looking women on a daily basis. You could do a lot worse in life if your only complaint is that the girls around here are just too damn good looking.

Good times.

In other news, Wiggo is moving to a new team. Vaughter’s distinctly unstoked.

Wiggins’ move to Sky confirmed
After months of speculation, Bradley Wiggins confirmed Thursday that he will join Britain’s Team Sky for the 2010 season, after his new sponsors reached a settlement with Garmin-Transitions over the last year of his contract.

Wiggins, who finished a surprising fourth overall in this year’s Tour de France, held a press conference at Sky TV studios in London on Thursday to announce that he had inked a four-year deal with Britain’s first ProTour team.

“It has been an amazing year for me and my ride at the Tour has given me the drive to aim even higher,” Wiggins said. “I know I can continue to develop and Team Sky is the perfect place to make that happen.”
See velonews.com.

I expect huge things out of Wiggo this summer. Big things. Even if he is a metrosexual rockstar at heart.

Trailhead near Mt. Lemmon to remember cyclist
It’s not easy going there but Jean Gorman and her husband still do.

“It’s just devastating without him,” Gorman said.

On his birthday and on holidays they visit the cross along the side of Catalina Highway. It’s the exact place where their son was killed.

Brad Gorman, 41, died in 1999 when a car hit him from behind. He was training for the annual El Tour de Tucson.

“Hit him at 50 plus miles per hour and killed him instantly,” Gorman said.

Since then she has pushed to have the bike lanes widened on Catalina Highway and the road re-named, “The Brad P. Gorman Memorial Bikeway.”

“My first thought was we had to make something good out of this situation,” Gorman said.

She says her work isn’t done.

Near the base of the mountain, they are planning another memorial. The county donated the land years ago, which is in a flood plain and not buildable.

She says with county money and donations they will begin construction in a few weeks. It will be a trailhead with parking, benches, water, an air pump for bike tires and most importantly it will be a safe place.

See kvoa.com.

I think that is a fine idea.

Update: More on the Williamsburg bike lane removal story from a nydailynews.com Op-Ed piece by Michael Daly.

The Hasidim who pressured an election-time City Hall into sandblasting this supposed “safety and religious hazard” had better hope no bicyclists get killed along that stretch.

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11 Replies to “Hey hey, my my”

  1. Wiggens moving teams is smart. Garmin doesn’t have what it takes to get out of runner up status.

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  3. I think a better assessment is that Wiggers’ not got what it takes to get out of runner-up status. Well, sans- dope, that is.

    The embedded video on the bike lane piece is AWESOME. I’ve though often about painting a bike lane to my bedroom to attract hotties in short skirts. Now, I may.

  4. The bike lane battle is being fiercely fought. Everyone but the Hasidic Jews wants the bike lanes to remain. The Hasidic Jews, who voted as a block for Mayor Bloomberg in his recent $101 million purchased election, want the lane removed. The 14 block long lane was gouged out a few weeks ago, then it was hand painted by some industrious deviants one night and most recently it has been painted black by the anti-bike lane syndicate.

    I ride this road everyday on my way to work. It is disgusting that in the age when most people on the planet are trying to go green, these close-minded individuals are having their way to the detriment of everyone else in the borough.

    If you have the time please contact the Brooklyn Borough Commissioners office to complain about the removal of the bike lane: 1-718-222-7259
    Remind them that bike lanes are for the safety of the citizens, not for trucks to unload into grocery stores. If more parking is needed for trucks, the parking for cars needs to be removed.

  5. The problem is that a _pre-existing_ bike lane was removed so trucks that typically parked next to the bike lane, can unload into stores without getting tickets for blocking a major artery through Brooklyn. Riding between parked cars and big box trucks is always an accident waiting to happen. The heavily traveled roadway before the bike lane put cyclists in dangerous scenarios frequently. When it was installed little over a year ago by the city, trips were less tense and safer.

    The mumbo-jumbo about scantily clad women is a smokescreen. When it gets hot in the summer women will be wearing next to nothing regardless of the presence of a bike lane or not. The city of New York, specifically Bloomberg’s office, is gambling with the safety of thousands of citizens because of political patronage.

    If you have additional time and you live in New York, call Mayor Bloomberg’s office, too. He needs to know he’s fixing something that wasn’t broken.

  6. Go BJ!

    Spiritual, but not religious!

    That’s the weirdest religious category hands down.


  7. “Spiritual, but not religious!

    That’s the weirdest religious category hands down.”

    …are you, of all people, honestly saying you don’t understand that ???…

    …i’m fucking amazed at the admission…