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18 thoughts on “Why Glenn Beck needs that sweater…

  1. Photostudio unsusualities from far left or right field… would King Missle deterimine this image to be very gay? I’d guess that. As in, this photo is more gay than….

  2. Glenn Beck was never in the scene. And Rush never said the things that ruined his chances of buying into an NFL team. But what the fuck-It’s only the truth, and truth don’t mean jack to a liberal. Meanwhile we’ve got a tax cheat running the IRS.

  3. “Rush never said the things that ruined his chances of buying into an NFL team. But what the fuck-It’s only the truth, and truth don’t mean jack to a liberal.”

    dave— you’ve made a grave rhetorical error here, confusing “truth” (you may even believe you meant Truth [sic]) with “truthiness.” You’re a moron.

  4. …”i told that fat jolly, hairy man what i really wanted for christmas was a blow job & all i got was this fucking saxophone !!!…well, that & a little finger diddle”

    …& dave…honest to god, you ARE a fucking moron…you wouldn’t recognize TRUTH if it came up & bitch slapped you…i try n’ find a little common ground w/ everyone i have conflict w/ but every time i think i could actually share a thought w/ you, you make it obvious just how fucking warped, slanted & out in right field you are…
    …fucking amazing, dude…you are absolutely blind…

  5. sorry to barge in here but does anyone on this site want to chime in on the fact that Team Radioshack is riding their bikes all up in y’all’s business? I heard they were hitting the trails tomorrow….just curious about the DC word. This is a cycling site amirite?

  6. Dave, Rush has said a lot of things over his lifetime on the radio that prevented his proposed partners from wanting to go into business with him. It’s called the free market, something you guys seem to LOVE, until it bites you in the ass, and then it’s all whine and complain about how victimized you are. Rush, like him, or love him, says horrible things every single day that he’s on the radio, and has said LOTS of racist things over the years, and hence, nobody wanted his money. Just because you’ve got the coin, doesn’t mean people want it. Again, free market. Get over it. Rush is the biggest liar, and dunderhead out there.

    Now, Mr. Beck, is almost a walking lie machine himself, and or hardcore conspiracy theorist that basically, makes up the most outrageous things, and then spews forth (such as, Obama is a racist with a deep seated hatred of white people).

    Now, going to your allusion that a tax cheat runs the IRS, the current commissioner of the IRS is a fellow by the name of Douglas Shulman. Mr. Shulman was confirmed by the Senate on 14-Mar-08, and sworn into office on 28-Mar-08. Now, looking at my calendar, if Mr. Shulman is a so called tax cheat, which he isn’t, he was nominated by President Bush.

    See, conservatives are the ones who have a hard time with what is true, and what is not true. Lots of times, conservatives base their “truths” on who or what is popular, and or what TV show has the highest ratings, see Glenn Beck for a good example of that. He must have a truthful show, because so many people WATCH it. Also, conservatives seem to think, that they are entitled to their own facts, even if they make them up. Case and example, the 9/12 teabagger party in DC this year. There are still conservatives claiming that there were almost 2 million people there. Well, I was there, it wasn’t even close.

  7. I’ve been reading this blog for a few months and I get it – pro cycling is a joke here. But these dudes are riding around in your back yard, that’s kind of hard to ignore.

    Don’t feed the troll.

    Let’s get back to some more civil conversation on this cycling blog about RUSH LIMBAUGH. I might just amble on over to the FOX News message board after this….riveting stuff gentlemen.

  8. rush…. makes fun of the ill… thats classy

    lots of folks envy him because he sits in a mostly unaccountable position: he holds no public office to which he is responsible for, he has no wife to which he would have to share his time and compromise his desires, no kids to nurture with sacrificed time.

    high quality cigars, golf, and the best painkillers money can buy… i really do think that even his most ardent critics envy him.

    rush is the primo advocate for status quo consumerism.