Wiggo cometh

Two finals in the books. Man, lemme tell ya like this: I’ve seen fun. And this ain’t it.

What did I do about it? I got stoked on Bradley Wiggins.

Wiggo + July = Awesome.

Bradley Wiggins is already talking a good fight in the build up to next year’s Tour de France and despite speculation surrounding his future remains focussed on improving on his fourth place from 2009. The Olympic champion spoke at the recent track meeting in Manchester – Revolution 26 – and believes that he has the ability to beat Lance Armstrong, the rider who stood between him and the podium in Paris this July.
See cyclingnews.com/news/weighty-wiggins-talking-tough-on-2010-tour?cid=OTC-RSS&attr=news_headlines.

God damn right. I love that guy.

Wiggins, who admitted to gaining a small amount of weight in the off season still looked in good condition after enjoying all the benefits that come with spending time off the bike. “I’ve put on a bit of weight, lager does that to you but I’m not really thinking about diet,” he said.

Yo, I’m aiming for huge weight gain this winter break. I’m going to swim laps in lager. Joe Six Pack? You betcha.

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13 thoughts on “Wiggo cometh

  1. Jonny,

    I would love to see NOTHING more than B-Wiggy put the hurt on Pharmstrong. What other rider has to have an entourage of more than 20 people outside of his team support and then have the gall to call himself “successful.” Nothing against what L.A. has done for cancer advocacy, but shit, given the resources he has, how can one NOT be successful?

    mmmm Lager…I think I might be visiting that after my last of 37 patients today

  2. “shit, given the resources he has, how can one NOT be successful?”

    …come on, bikescag…i’m not putting you down, for making the comment but knowing what ‘cha gotta know about bike racing, while having “support” & “resources” definitely makes a diff, if you ain’t got what it really takes, it just ain’t gonna matter…

    …but as far as “wigs” ???…ya, totally cool…one of the guys that’s always in the mix, one way or another…

  3. The question is not can he beat Armstrong? (aren’t you supposed to be retired, Lance?) but can he beat Contador?

  4. No, the question is, when are the mountain stages, so I can buy enough beer and schedule those days off to watch. Hell, I might even make the road trip to a day or three for that. (Not Lance, but the circus that mountain stages are…)

  5. bikesgonewild

    I was referring to the snippet I saw back in July about that aside of his team support, Contador had 2 people outside of his team assisting him during the Tour…L.A. had 20 people outside of his team support assisting him. If you look at Armstrong’s career, he’s always had a number of “enablers” around him. You add that to the entire rumor mill about he and Cheryl Crow breaking up because she wanted to have children and he didn’t want to have any with her. I’m sure if you and I took away all of the extraneous things in our life and could concentrate on just one thing, whether it be winning on a bike or being better at our job, we would reach a higher level of performance as well. Many of the racers in the peloton don’t have the luxury of unlimited resources but if they did, I wonder how even the playing field would be?

  6. I think it is just trash talking. So what if you can beat Armstrong, he’s won 7 tours and is an old man in pro cycling. I’m sure Wiggo has his “juice” too. The resource issue starts early, I remember seeing the juniors who had their parents with their motorhomes taking them to all the big races while most of us were working shit jobs and training during the week then getting ourselves to the races while worrying about our own food etc… Massage? Shit, if you wanted a massage it wasn’t mom or dad, you did that shit yourself. Most are a bunch of spoiled brats, especially in the states. If you talk to people in France it is beginning to happen there too. The races are now fewer and farther apart meaning a young racer needs more resources to get to the big races and hence be noticed. I can understand getting excited about the next tour, but someone talking big about how he’s going to beat the old guy who got third last year (and won 7 before that) C’mon Wiggo… At least he does appreciate a good lager, I respect him for that I guess.

  7. …bikescag…i stand by my conviction…while i take your point that you can refine any performance scenario by eliminating certain ‘stress factors’, the bottom line as i see it, is that if you ain’t got both the goods & the mentality, you ain’t gonna be “that guy”, at least on a regular basis…& while the actual difference might be infinitesimal, it does seem to be there…
    …”stars & watercarriers”…

    …& btw…mr wiggins has expressed concern of his own that his remarks were taken out of context by ‘cyclingnews’…

  8. Wiggo sounds, to me, like the A-Typical douche nozzle with an overly inflated ego based on a single season with a good grand tour result. One season doesn’t mean anything to me. There are others who have been bought on the promise of one good season and not produced as expected. Next year should be very interesting.

    I feel badly for Vaughters. It sounds like he put a lot of time, energy and heart into developing Wiggo only to have it thrown back in his face: “On a personal level, I am very disappointed to see Brad go,” he said. “Fourteen months ago, I was the only one knocking on his door and the only one who felt that he could go above and beyond where he was in cycling.” He took the high road which I think was very cool. I’m sure he got a pretty nice paycheque for the transfer as well.

  9. Looks like he found a new life partner. Whens the wedding? I bet they ride bikes off into the sunset.

  10. Did Mr. Wigger used to play for Oasis? I wonder if they ‘ll both end up having in common that they both suck? What a dipshit. He doesn’t want to win, he just wants to beat Lance? Isn’t the idea to want to win? Contador (and Schleck for that matter) could wax his ass on 1977 Peugeots.