Masters. Now with more Dope. Part three.

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First we had the catch. Then we had the apology. Now we have the ban.

Williams handed two-year ban by USADA

Kenny Williams has been handed a two-year ban by the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA) as a result of a positive drug test at the USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships in August.

Williams tested positive for an unnamed anabolic agent in a test conducted by the USADA on August 21. In the wake of the initial finding the 42-year-old admitted, on September 21, to knowingly taking steroid Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and was provisionally suspended by the USA Cycling Federation from that date.

The USADA reported on Wednesday that Williams has accepted the ban, which will end on September 21, 2011.

Williams is also required to return medals, points and prizes awarded after July 27, the date he admitted to having first used DHEA. USA Cycling has confirmed that Williams will be stripped of the 3000 metre individual pursuit and kilometre time trial titles he claimed at the Championships in August.

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8 thoughts on “Masters. Now with more Dope. Part three.

  1. Total looser period . Unnamed anabolic agent ? There is definately more to this story we dont know ! Ya gotta wonder about cycling . He tarnished masters racing ! I think we can assume he was dirty throughout his career . Common sense tells me so ……..

  2. If cycling wants to portray itself as “clean” and “pure” the penalties need to be quite a bit stiffer- The sanctioning bodies need to take a very hard line against doping, and in my opinion, two years just isn’t enough. Anybody who tests positive for anything stronger than Flintstones vitamins(or in this case Centrum silver) at a national level should be facing a lifetime ban from holding a license, officiating, or even coaching.
    As for the pros, they should be tested quite a bit more frequently (say every two weeks) and if they’re dirty, they’re done. Period. Granted, that could be a logistical nightmare(not to mention expensive) But, I think there isn’t enough testing to be certain that everyone is following the rules.

  3. Its the fear of not being first . Fear of defeat . Walking the thin line . Seeing your advisary on the podium . How do I beat him . I know he is gilled .Whats he on .It comes down to conscious .They should not have to test at masters nats !

  4. I think the coaching angle is perhaps the one that bothers me the most.

    It is one thing to screw fellow competitors out of their $200 1st place checks and bottle of wine/tire/gift certificate primes, but if you are taking money from people as a “coach” and cheating…

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that in addition to the finely structured schedule you might want to include some doping with those intervals.

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  6. Better yet, idiots like this should be sentenced to racing two years while induced with quaaludes.

    He would then learn what the other riders felt like when Mr. Steroids shows-up.