bling bling

So I was killing some time over at Kore bike shop yesterday and something in the display case caught my eye:


 They are set #4 out of 10,  24 Karat gold plated Phil Wood track hubs retailing for just under a grand. Now I have Phil hubs on a few of my bikes and I am convinced that these are some of the finest made bike parts out there. But my jury is still out on the gold plated hubs..

Are these more Slick Rick or are they leaning more towards Liberace ?

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

28 thoughts on “bling bling

  1. damn son! short of diamond stud bar plugs those’d be the most baller shit you could to your whip!

  2. I just think of the movie “Better Off Dead” and the scene on top of the K12 and the dude is trying to snort the snow. “Do you know the street value of this mountain”?

  3. …doesn’t really matter, bud…that is a fine lookin’ & workin’ pair of hubs…

  4. Neither Slick Rick nor Liberace. Those hubs are me. A grand? Jesus. Probably 7/10 of these extremely limited edition hubs will be bought by collectors who will sell them NIB in about 10 years on Ebay for more, and they’ll fetch more, too.

  5. … and they should be 18 karat not 24 karat gold plated because pure gold is very, very soft. 18k is more durable.

  6. OK. Gnome,

    If your ever present me with that kind of video again……I might just have to propose.

    You’ve been warned.


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  8. I sprinkle diamonds on my food for two reasons….1 cause its the most ballin thing I can do to my food, and 2 its makes my doodie sparkle!

    But I do NOT roll on 24K gold hubs, damn. I gots to step up the game.

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  10. Shit Dave…I just watched Better Off Dead last night! “Gee Ricky…sorry your mom blew up.”

  11. wow.

    Pointless? or Embarrassing? you decide.

    Trick question. Why choose? they’re both!

    Even if my wallet was deep enough I’d be loathe to have those anywhere near me.
    a straight up fucking tragedy..

  12. Ya know you’d have to spray ’em flat black before lacing to avoid getting your whole rig stoleden. These hubs will likely stay in the box or get laced to a “trailer queen”.

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  14. So nice bike parts means you’ve got a tiny dick? Shit, if that’s the case I’m hung like a Zulu warrior.

  15. i’ll take a set. along with some Yves St Lauren fucking cigarettes. i’ll ride the hubs, smoke the cigs, then get my bike stolen and die. big whoopie. the hubs are pimp to death. PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEump!

  16. I wish Leberace had grills. Damn that would be cool. This ain’t funny so don’tcha dare laugh…Just another story about salty hubs for cash. Straight and narrow or yer sole gets smashed…goodnite…Knock ’em out the box Rick. Knock ’em out Rick…err Ry. (those hubs are a RARE BREED)
    I think they are most like MR. T!!! Gold and tough. I’d like to see some 700c Tate slides in the parking lot when they’re built up.

  17. Those are cool, but impractical. Imagine scratching these. I could imagine it. Or them getting stolen.