Hipsters discussing cyclocross…

See, I’m not sure why you guys haven’t had this one posted up yet, sorry to bogart Friday page, but I thought most, if not everyone who reads this page would enjoy this little video:

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Engineer living in the NOVA, and working for "The Man". Cycling and political junky. All things 2 wheeled are good. 4 wheels? Eh, OK, but 2 wheels better. Washinton, DC, USA

15 thoughts on “Hipsters discussing cyclocross…

  1. The douchebags in the cartoon are why some animls eat their young. I’d drown that shit, were it my spawn.

  2. whoa, tiger. that’s a cartoon. what’s more, is that it’s a cartoon which utilizes a form of mockery known as facetiousness. sarcasm, if you will. now – if it were your spawn, i’d talk to the genetic counselor and ask he/she why your spawn turned out to be an “internet animation.” if you’re still opting for the drowning, it’s very easy to drown a computer. i’d recommend knocking your zima bottle over sideways on your desk in the general vicinity of it. be prepared to smother any resulting flames by having handy a pair of your high-waisted grandma briefs that kg told me you wear. gently pat at the flames with them, and once extinguished, crack a fresh zima, lean back in your chair and marvel at your dead computer. those hipster children of yours will bother you no more.

  3. Oh yeah, that was good for some laughs.

    CX is pretty hip until you realize that it is hard to look very cool while being dropped before the end of the first lap, and/or trying not to throw up all over yourself.

    Snake Hawk, don’t rip the Zima man, that shits gonna be the next PBR!
    And facetious animatronic spawn might actually be a good thing, just turn it on and off at your leisure?

  4. Oh hell, will I be forced to witness the horror in my lifetime as well? What can’t a dumbass twenty-something ruin? Zima? Jesus. They can have it. Just leave the slip-on vans out of it, aight?

  5. i like the shit out or your bullet point, mikey. maybe the mark of a great drinker is no mark at all. i hadn’t thought of that until now. from now on, i’m sending it to the neighbor’s yard.

  6. Maybe mikey ain’t as dumb as he acts.*

    *Easy, Peaches; I said “maybe”.**

    **snake hawk, on t’other hand…

  7. “Do you think that it would be cool to drink beer at the cyclo cross race as we watch the racers ride past?”
    “I have heard that many of the people observing the cyclo cross races on a regular basis drink the beer called PBR.”
    “Yes, I think that if we were to bring PBR in a 24 pack case, that we would be very cool.”
    “Definitely. We sure would not want to bring an un cool beer such as Natural Light. That would be extremely not cool to do.”

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