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14 thoughts on “It never gets old

  1. I came to report the douche-jack. But Hoovis beat me to it. From Fuckin’ Japan for Godsake.

  2. That’s why I beat you.

    When you’re sitting in a hotel room at 6 am with Jet Lag, there’s not much to do but find new semi-porn and monitor Google Reader…

    Know whatI’m sayin’


    p.s. – on semi-porn front, I’ve got a lot more material, so the eye candy should be looking up over the next few weeks…

  3. caption this??

    have no idea what that picture is…been married 4 years. have not seen anything like that for 3 years.

    Bitter? Party of one, your table is ready.

  4. The Professor said, “Ah Ha, I have found the cure for Blow Jobs, it’s Wedding Cake”.

  5. …hey, hey…take it easy, huh ???…

    …wives do give blowjobs…just not to their husbands…

    …just sayin’…