Is this what passes for hot these days?

It’s not often we do this, but damn if something doesn’t need to be said. These girls are way to thin. This is downright spooky. Sure, we used to, ahem, celebrate the female form on these pages a bit differently… But that does not mean that we ever supported eating disorders or drug addiction.

Am I saying either of these women has an eating disorder and/or a drug addiction? No. I’m saying they are way too thin. Damn baby, eat a cheeseburger. Is this what passes for hot these days?



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24 thoughts on “Is this what passes for hot these days?

  1. Amen. The biyatches have “Nalgas de Aspirina” . Aspirin Ass. Flat, white with just a slit down the middle. Need to have some junk in the trunk to be hot….

  2. Relax, these women are the male form of M. Rassmuesen or Stephen Rooks. Granted these rail thin mamas shouldn’t be making every other woman feel insecure as hell for not being freaky thin; that is what really sucks with this trend.

  3. I’d be afraid I would snap them if I climbed on-board.
    Give me some wibble with my wobble.

  4. This is true, but being underweight or overweight is not ideal, not beautiful, and if you ask me, a little overweight, a few curves here and there, is far more sexy than skeleton girls. The real ugliness is the fashion industry pushing these women to be so thin, and then the result it has on young girls.
    A normal woman is not that thin. This is the way they look during a famine.

  5. In Asia, a lot of girls look like Grace Park.
    This has more to do with genetics and a lack of exercise then eating.

  6. Sorry… no thanks. I sw this earlier on another site, and thought to myself…”really? Hot girls of Battlestar Galactica? Whatever happened to Erin Grey? To Heather Locklear? What the fuck happened to girls like Shannon Tweed???

    I mean Gene Simmons’ old lady still makes me put down the remote on occasion…

    these girls… I’d pass on.


  7. senna, that’s pretty much what I was driving at. That emaciated look-I just don’t get it.

  8. …when i go down there i wanna celebrate the beauty & lust of life, not be made to think about impoverished nations…

    …sorry babes…those bodies = fail…

  9. i love your comments on this! i cannot stand to see a woman with no muscle like that. thin like that is just gross. i have been 5’7 and 150lbs (size 6, body fat 14.6%) for years now. when i was 13, in ballet class, my teacher smacked my leg with a stick and told me to lose 10lbs. my legs have always been huge, and recently in a race, i was told i could feed a family of 4 with mu calves. so there. fuck those skinny ass bitches.

  10. What’s the big deal? They’re Cylons!!! A) they should be shot on site, and B) if you do wanna climb onboard, just have their HDs downloaded into bodies with a few more curves built into them. Then shoot ’em…

    So sayeth we all!

  11. Ahem, Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder…duh.
    I prefer 700 bpm bootyshakers. Its the only thing that can keep me awake when I got whiskeydick.

  12. Husky, “chacon a son gout” or something. Point is, too skinny is just as unhealthy as too fat when you reach a certain point. All respect to the bee holder, just the same.