H1N1 Protection

It’s that time of year in which the headlines are rife with H1N1 talk and everyone’s praying that they don’t become infected. There are a host of ways to protect yourself such as washing your hands vigorously, opening doors with your shirt sleeve and even wearing a mask. Although, there is a certain stigma associated with wearing a mask openly in public. Aside from the weird looks and pointing, do you really want to look like this?


That’s why the folks at DC have spent countless hours of R&D to bring you the latest in H1N1 protection…

I present to you the all new redesigned Swine Flu mask, because you can never be too safe out there!


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One thought on “H1N1 Protection

  1. Sorry, but if you can stretch that shit out like a painter’s mask it’s not for me. That shit just ain’t right, man. It’d be like looking into the maw of the Predator from that movie, ‘Predator’.

    No thanks. I like my peaches and cream. No fried bologna gas-mask for me.