Remembering a warrior

The cycling community and cancer-fighting community lost a fine one this last weekend.

photo by greg greene
photo by greg greene

Colleen fought for 4 years. She was diagnosed at 26. She rode through relapses, chemo, and recovery.

LA had the priveledge of meeting Colleen last spring at the Gila.
LA had the priveledge of meeting Colleen last spring at the Gila.

May we all remember that the most important races are within and that the love we share with others is the prize we take home with us.

team colleen

Those of you in Tucson-metro: Please consider attending.

peace, y’all.


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7 thoughts on “Remembering a warrior

  1. I had the privilege of knowing Colleen as well. One day I got to ride with her down here in Tucson. She was pretty sick at that point but she said riding bikes was one of the few things that made her feel better. So away we went! All she asked was that I pull so she could draft. I said Ill pull for as long as I can. I just kept things steady at 15 or 16 miles and hour. Its probably the best 30 mile pull I have ever taken. Colleen was one of the good ones.

    I have actually tried to write this post a few times in the last couple of days. I would write something then just delete it. How do you put into words what cancer did to her and her life? How do you describe how she fought the fight all the way with her head held high? How?

    fucking cancer


  2. snake – you should still write your post, when you’re ready. Colleen was such a beautiful person, at so many different levels, that it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

  3. I don’t know what to say, it flat out sucks. I have a wife that 10+ years ago had a run in with skin cancer. Just today my mother called me to let me know that her MRI was “clean” after finding a lymph node six months ago with melanoma in it. My brother inlaw lost his Mother to lung cancer a few years back. Cancer sucks.

    RIP Colleen

  4. Man, this world is a shittier place now. She made the whole riding the bike thing a good time. I can’t imagine the shitstorm she went through, and I hope nobody ever has to again. I’m raising a pint to her tonight… Cheers to Colleen, a true champion!

  5. My sister was treated last year for an ocular melanoma…cancer BEHIND the eye. Came through it alright after having a radioactive patch surgically placed on her eyeball (shudder). One of my parents best friends is dying of brain cancer. A good friend just lost her battle with breast cancer this year…she was a multi-Ironman finisher. Another friend has been through treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma twice now..once at age 17, then it showed up again at 40. This morning I looked down at the yellow bracelet on my wrist and wondered if it was “out of style” or if people think “that’s soooo 2005” when they see it. I don’t think so. Its a reminder. Fuck cancer. Stay strong. Godspeed on the long ride.