sunday. lick it.

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babies and hangovers: they go together like jihad and a plane ticket. conceptually, they are best of friends.

just ask this dude:



i think i found the well last night.  It came in the form of a little number i like to call a “nighthawk,” which is like a redbull/vodka, only the point is to make fun of that drink and the guidos that drink it (babyBLUE!), so sub out the wodka for bourbon.  nighthawk.  it tastes like getting kicked in the teeth with a roll of sweet tarts taped to a boot. 

 as usual, the joke’s on hawk. 

time for some pancakes — with bourbon, cuz wodka’s for guidos.

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10 Replies to “sunday. lick it.”

  1. I find that image distubing; compellingly so. I don’t know if it’s the juxtaposition of the innocent and defenseless child and the 300 pounds of pure and menacing evil, or the knowledge that such as he can reproduce. Either way it does not sit well with me.

  2. What’s up with this fucktard y’all put in the White House?

    This duplicitous dumbshit campaigned on putting more troops in Afghanistan.

    He fire the existing general and installed McChrystal to assess how to succeed in Afghanistan.

    McChrystal says more troops.

    Now Obambi says that isn’t the answer.

    President Flip-flop Obambi.

    And you hypocritical dumbfucks who bitched about Iraq.

    Afghanistan is the ultimate military quagmire. The Soviet Union couldn’t bring Afghanistan into line. The Soviets did not fight with one hand tied behind their back, by the way. How the fuck are Americans supposed to win there with stupid rules of engagement?

    Every military expert since Sun Tzu and Clausewitz have opined that overwhelming force wins wars. E.g., shock and awe in Iraq.

    Pussy footing around with limited troops and restrictive rules of engagement costs American lives.

    Obama is a murderer of American soldiers when he sends them to fight in underwhelming numbers and restrictive rules of engagement.

    If y’all had an ounce of integrity you’d be protesting Obama’s lack of military leadership.

    Obama is cut from the same cowardly cloth as Bill Clinton. American special forces had Bin Laden in their sites. Clinton was at a golf tournament and refused to take a call for his authorization to launch the attack on Bin Laden.

    Obama has been dicking around with an Olympic bid while American lives are being lost in Afghanistan.

    At what point do you get as pissed at Obama as you did at Bush for lack of military leadership?

  3. Smater Thanyou, what does your reply have to do with the post? And how did Snake Hawk get a picture of you as a baby with your Mom?

  4. Actually ‘Smater Thanyou’, if you had actually read The Art of War then you would know that Sun Tzu says that the use of overwhelming force is to be used only as absolute last resort; you stupid fuck. It is because, as Sun Tzu points out, the likely hood for long term success is the lowest with this approach, and the cost in resources is the highest.

    Now, since history has shown that overwhelming force has never, ever, been successful in Afghanistan, then why in the fuck would you be promoting it so aggressively?

    Oh, I forgot.
    It is because you’re a stupid fuck

    Snake – thanks for the new drink idea.
    Bourbon is big here in Taiwan, so I’m sure I can find lots of people who’ll enjoy getting kicked in the teeth with this one.

  5. whathafuck? where are all of you easily offended, soft-skinned mofos?

    Make fun of of the riteuos right, the left wingers, centrists, gays, mentally handicapped…basically, anything/one except fixie kids, and there are at least 4 or 5 people up in arms screaming racism, narrow mindedness, socialism or some type of mis-used “ism” of “ist”. Here we have GUIDO used not once, but TWICE in the same post and the best we get is a Smarthanwho reply about the whitehouse and military? (by the way, do you know many people who have served in Afghanistan?)
    Where is the Italian-American (definite emphasis on Italian) crowd/sympathizers calling out this terrible, horrific, earth tilting stereotyping? Oh! the travesty.

  6. Seriously.

    I am coming over to kick some ass now.

    Be afraid–have you seen my arms? After 98 I switched over to HGH and steroids. Lookout America.