Spreads Smooth Like Creamy Peanut Butter

So as of late I have been hi-jacking photos off of a friend of a friend of a distant long lost twice removed cousins web page. Most days when I get home from my salt mine I check to see what the hell the world is up too. Once upon a while ago I stumbled across this site. Burt throws down some really good shit from time to time, oh yeah and the photos are a bonus. So bookmark that shit and check in with him once in a while.

So world meet Burt Hoovis, world meet Burt.

Burt, I spread the love like Creamy Peanut Butter and now you get the national recognition that you so rightly deserve! Keep up the good work, seriously.


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8 thoughts on “Spreads Smooth Like Creamy Peanut Butter

  1. title reminds me of that line from ‘Shakes the Clown’

    “I gots me that Peanut-Butter pussy. Brown, creamy and it spreads eeeasyyyyy…”

  2. Snake, Nashbar should be sending you a thankyou note soon. Ain’t no way Burt’s head is gonna fit in his old helmet now.

  3. I thought it was ironic that I saw that photo twice in two different webpage visits. Not complaining at all though.

    Glad to see the props for Burt–Gotta give credit to a guy who calls it straight up, trains(?) year roung in PA/MD, races against some tough guys and also cheers for the Pirates. Especially the latter part…gotta be tough for that.

    Even if he does do sprint triathalons in the fall instead of racing cyclocross…

  4. This bromance tween Snake and Burt makes me wanna hurl.

    Can we please get back to the Bikes, Beer and Pootang that is seriously lacking in both this site and my life ??

    Oi vey.