Gert no likely testy testy

It does make one wonder…

From: Michael
Subject: Gert Steegmans to join Radio Shack
Hey J-
How goes it? Wisconsin is colder than shit! I think it’s fuck’n Nov. already, oh wait, that’s a few months off yet. ha ha..

Check this shit out.…steegmans-to-join-radioshack-next-season

Gert Steegmans signs with Radio Shack.

This is the part that gets my goat.

“Steegmans left team Katusha in August after he refused to sign the team’s anti-doping charter. He disagreed with the Russian team’s demands that riders give five times their salary if caught doping.”

WTF? So Radio Shack will pick him up?

That’s stupid, if your clean you will sign the contract, and not even worry about it.


Dope is as dope does.

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7 thoughts on “Gert no likely testy testy

  1. There are false positives.

    Would you be willing to sign a contract at your job, where you have to pay back five times your annual salary if you hit a false positive in a random drug test? Better not eat that poppy seed bagel.

    Me, I’m puzzled why all of these people are signing to ride for Radio Shack when they DON’T HAVE A PRO-TOUR LICENSE. If the license doesn’t come through, next year Gert, Levi and the rest are racing second-level european races.

  2. I wouldn’t sign it, but then again I’d have to dope to make it through a 3 week stage race. That does seem excessive with the risk of a false positive and unless you’re the shit you’re not exactly rolling in it.

    I wouldn’t worry about the license. There is too much money to be lost if those guys (read: Lance) aren’t in the big races.

  3. He is smart in doing so . In light of the way they treat iffy or say accidentally missed test or chateau malaubry figures in , good on him .
    Theres no representation of the rider and they give total credability to the anti doping authorities . As for the pro licence , can you spell AC versus LA in the tour. No second level racing here! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Poppy seed bagel! Bring it on!
    Gert does what Gert does.. Isn’t Gert and old lady in Toledo?

    Whatever… Everyone crying false positives.. ya da ya da ya da..
    “piss in this cup sir”.. That’s wasn’t pot in my system sir, it was cornflakes..

    Excuses – Excuses- Excuses –
    Reminds me of a few un-named pro’s who have claimed false pos. only to have it come up a 2nd and 3rd time down the road.

    False positives? Whatever Bud Selig.. Slap them on the wrist and welcome them back with open arms in 2 years.

    We want a fast sport! Oh that’s right, if you don’t dope it’s not fast. It’s sooooo slow.. Ok, ya da ya da ya da..

    1/2 right & 1/2 wrong. I am probably wrong, but how and when does it stop?

    $$$ talks for the License baby!
    LA has helped the sport for sure! Just makes one scratch ones head with the signing of this guy..

  5. Random drug testing where I work. Of course the samples don’t go to a Frog lab where the “technicians” have an axe to grind…