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15 thoughts on “Real Heros

  1. Nothing like an Ironman to make a point to yourself!

    One of my teammates from high school and best friends is the original BLAZEMAN Warrior. He won a lottery entry to the World Champs in Kona and decided to do something more with it. His story was featured in the NBC broadcast in 2006. Here’s a link: http://alswarriorpoet.com/brianbreen.html

    Huge respect. Huge.

  2. …thanks, snake…

    …judi’s just a friend & she’s got her man, dominic as her main fan but just thinkin’ what she brought herself back from to do & finish an ironman kinda chokes me up…

    …thanks again…

  3. I was lucky enough to meet Judi and Dominic at Louisville. Great people! I also ran a little while with Judi during the race. She was very up and positive and enjoying the experience! She rocks!

  4. WOW!!! Thank you!!

    Tim – We had SO much fun with you! It was awesome to see you on the run. Let’s do it again in 2011.

    Julie – I wanna learn how to ride a cyclocross bike now….


  5. Way to rock that course, Judi! You were so friggin’ happy every time I saw you out there! Sweet finish into D’s arms – too cool.

  6. I have completed a full Ironman and it is a personal achievement to be very proud of but it is not the insurmountable feat that many think it is. I do, however, have a lot of professional experience with addiction and what Judi did by getting and staying clean is HUGE. That act alone shows a mental strength and character that few will ever know. Congrats Judi…your potential is limitless. Like it or not you are a role model. I look forward to seeing what’s next.