Collection box

I drive past a Big Brother Big Sister clothing donation box every day on the way over to drop my daughters off at daycare. Typical drop box, the kind we’ve all seen before – a big tin thing. This particular one is sitting in the pack parking lot of a stripmall.


Pretty straightforward concept, right? Drop off clothing you and your family are no longer using (your kids grew out of it, etc.) and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization will route that clothing a different child that can use it. Everyone wins. High fives all around.

It seems some folks out there have, well, a slightly different view of the role such collection boxes play in this world. Some folks see “big tin box” and think “dumpster”.

I see all kinds of junk piled up next to it in the parking lot. Just plain junk. Nothing that is ever going to help dress some needy child. Nothing that is going to do Big Brother Big Sister’s any good. I can’t imagine what people might dump inside. Broken lamps? Old magazines? Toasters that don’t work?

It has become something I look at every day; what did they leave there last night?

Today, it was a sofa.

Yeah. A sofa. I had to pull over and snap a pic. Just. Had. To.


Note the lack of cushions. That’s just adding insult to injury, ain’t it? Like school in the summer, baby, no class.

I drove by later in the day, after I had picked up my girls, and someone (maybe the same someone) had added a coffee table to the mix. But, alas, still no action on the cushion front.

I’m waiting to see a lawnmower.

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3 thoughts on “Collection box

  1. I remember this story from a couple years ago…

    The donation boxes look like any other non-profit, only this organization collects and resells for their own profit. Nice.

    My mom works at a resale store that benefits a battered women’s shelter…you would not believe some of the crap she gets donated over there…