old habits die young?

it’s been a long fucking time, hambres. big kitchen up in college again. probably reading books like this.   snakehawk ‘s  summer been busy as hell. 

i love this to death:


man, that is a baby baby hawk.

this baby hawk rules, too, holla:



i’m back in the shop.  turning useless brown boxes into bikes that likely will prove useless to those that buy them.  but it’s money.  and i ain’t gotta stress too much.  it’s really not any different than it used to be.  well, the epic hangover contests aren’t happening on the regular, but suspension forks with indexed travel still sell like aderol for campus douches waiting for their parking pass &/or a frat house parking spot. 

4 deer just walked through the front yard, a momma and 3 “yearlings(?)”  while i was taking this out for a night pee:


she rules,too.  everyone in my house kicks ass.

maybe big kitchen is reading this.

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