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21 thoughts on “Skinny jeans versus goofy spandex…

  1. Holy shit !!

    I will forever and a day be ashamed of my bike handling skills thanks to those young ladies.

    Fantastic show.

  2. Standing-on-the-bars barspin, FTW. Not to mention the on-the-shoulders, circus-shit…

    Seriously nucking futz.

  3. US flag wasn’t on the wall. I guess our hipster doofi couldn’t hack the strict dress code of competition.

  4. ‘Now with more embed.’

    I thought it said, ‘now with more imbred’; ie: hipsters from Kentucky.

    never mind

  5. OMFG!!!

    I used to ride flatland and had a couple decent tricks. That video put my pathetic years of riding to shame in about 20 seconds.

    And then they started with the shoulderstands… 5 1/2 minutes of flawless amazing tricks.

    I’m completely dumbfounded.

  6. Yeah, that video has been floating around the fixed forums for a while now. Really cool, but I also think that the stuff people like Burd Phillips does on a bike is pretty cool too.


    Frankly, I’ve seen fixed gear trick comps and they’re mostly a lot of uncompleted tricks with the occasional trick landed. Some clever editing and some music will make it look quite impressive but otherwise fixed gear tricks have a long way to go.

    It’s like skateboarding in the 70′s. People are still learning and figuring out what can be done on a fixed gear. The tricks and bikes are evolving as people push the limits of their gear.

    Some guys are running 29′er rims and mtb rigid forks on their fixed bikes. Lot’s of bmx parts, stems, bars, and cranks coming into play.

    You’re here to witness the birth of a new style of riding. Do you want it to die or expand?

  7. How about this style of riding thriving and the hipster douchebags dying off? Does that work for everybody?

  8. How about all riding thriving and hipsters being a little less douchey about it? I like people riding bikes, but is a fixed gear (with day-glo rims) and your sister’s pants really the right gear?

  9. All the bullshit aside, pretty cool. Thanks . We do forget the circus athletes that entertained folks like me in days gone by in traveling shows and worn out tights. But these girls are the real deal, no question.

  10. “It’s like skateboarding in the 70’s. People are still learning and figuring out what can be done on a fixed gear. The tricks and bikes are evolving as people push the limits of their gear.”

    Except that by the 70′s, people hadn’t been doing tricks on skateboards for over a hundred years. Anything that can be done on a fixed gear has been. It’s just that most of the people doing it right now are adolescents who think they are the first person in the history of the world to ever do a track stand.

  11. I’d be really surprised if people were doing wall rides and rail grinds on fixed gears 100 years ago.

  12. While these tight chicks definitely have more talent than hipster scum, I still had a Beavis and Butthead moment, saying out loud, “what the hell is this crap?”