Vick to the Eagles

I pretty much want to shoot myself right now. Billy Penn is pissing on my soul.

A remorseful Michael Vick wants a second chance and a fresh start with the Philadelphia Eagles — and knows he won’t be easily forgiven by fans.

“I know I’ve done some terrible things, made a horrible mistake. Now I want to be part of the solution and not the problem,” Vick said Friday, referring to his conviction for his role in running a dogfighting ring.

Vick was introduced at a press conference a day after signing a one-year contract worth $1.6 million with an option for a second year at $5.2 million with the Eagles.

Oh for fuck’s sake. Micheal “I kill dogs” Vick? That guy?


My nuts hurt… This season is going to suck.

The most likely scenario would be for the Eagles to use Vick in a variation of the Wildcat offense that the Miami Dolphins made popular last season. Vick also is familiar with the West Coast offense, though he ran a different version with Atlanta than the one Philadelphia uses. Id.

Well, I guess I have that look forward to.

Ok, I’m grasping at anything here. I don’t have much to look forward to at all.

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25 thoughts on “Vick to the Eagles

  1. So he’s sorry for killing all those dogs and running a dogfight because he’s sorry he killed all those dogs and ran a dogfight, or because he went to jail and lost millions per year in income?

    And how’s he gonna be part of the solution and not the problem? Is he going to give generously to organizations who protect animals from animals like him?
    Or is he just gonna go about his merry way with his new contract for millions a year and forget the whole thing ever happened?

  2. Looks like your Eagles are slowly creaping their way to being the Cowboys.

    Much love,
    The Redskins

  3. I am judging the shit out of him right now because I have never made a mistake in my life, so I can. That is how I roll….

    For fuck sake, he fucked up big time. But he lost everything, paid the debt that he was handed down and now is a free man. I like who he has in his camp, have a shit load of respect for Dungy and I think that says a lot about Philly that Dungy pointed him that way. And I hate Philly ( sorry Big Juan, I am a die hard Redskin fan and we suck and have the worst owner sans Al Davis in football). As part of his reinstatement he has to tour and talk to kids about cruelty to animals. Even the higher ups at PETA are on board if he does that.

    His contract does not even scratch what he lost. If you remember, he signed one of the biggest QB contracts ever before he pissed it away. So don’t say it is about the Benji’s.

    He is a long shot at best, but I am behind him 100%.

  4. Vick got a pretty good primer on the wildcat formation in December ’06 when DeAngelo Williams and the Panthers ran it all over the Falcons.

  5. When I heard this my initial reaction was something along the lines of “oh for fucks sake, why the Eagles?”

    After a nights sleep and seeing the Philly Daily News front page “Hide Your Dogs!” I thought maybe it isn’t the worst thing in the world, because if there is anyplace he won’t be able to hide, Philadelphia is one of the tops. Fans and media in that town are not exactly patronizing so everything he does will be super scrutinized. Of course that makes me worry that he will just become one big distraction for the team…ah, hell…

  6. “Looks like your Eagles are slowly creaping their way to being the Cowboys.”

    dirty T— damn, that’s gotta sting.

  7. So will we be able to hear the Vick boos over the normal boos aimed at all the other players by their own fans?

    How will we be able to decipher which is which?

  8. Quit yer bitchin. He may be an asshole, but he was (and probably still is) a pretty good quarterback. At least your team didn’t get turned down by Brett Favre.

  9. I take umbrage to the “Cowboys” comment, yet I understand what DT is saying. Anyway, Vick’s return will be an interesting story to follow this year. Like it or not.

  10. its about football not persona. I always new the guy was a dirtball that could outrun any cops, but fuck it, he might have widen his scope or hole, while doing the time . In some culture dogs are good eats!

    I do not what so ever support dog fighting, maybe cock, but definately not dog!

  11. Nate has a point. I think he was partially a product of the culture he grew up in, did it jive with what the NFL wants their image to be? He toes the line now, or he will be in Mexico running a cock fighting ring in no time. What is he sorry for? Don’t care at this point. I know he sure helped me out a couple of years ago in my fantasy football league. I hope he turns it around, Ray Lewis came back from charges of orchestrating a murder of his girlfriend and unborn child, and he helps on the fantasy team as well.

    Nate, you forgot the new cover letter on your TPS report again, we’re gonna have to have you come into work on Saturday, mmmkay?

  12. Hmmmm…..We all love dogs and being cruel to anything that can’t defend itself is a horrible thing. With that said, where was the uproar, selling of season tickets, boycotting of sponsors and the absolute outrage when Donte “I kill fucking PEOPLE” Stallworth served 24 days of a thirty day sentence? Would you all have been more upset if his victim was on a bike or had a kitten on his lap? I expect a big hoopla when he is reinstated after the Super Bowl in February or I think many of you are a bunch hypocrites. Personally, I think if you are setting your moral compass by the actions of any professional athlete or looking for a role model in the NFL you are fighting an uphill battle.

  13. Hypocrites? How exactly? I haven’t heard anyone eschewing the merits of Stallworth either. Just hasn’t been as much (any?) chatter about it. Doesn’t mean anyone supports it or likes him or the situation.
    I think there are also character differences involved as well. Vick kept fucking up in various ways and finally went down big for it. From what I hear, Stallworth didn’t run away or lie about anything. Not really sure on that, or about his character in general. The fact that the legal system let him go after a few days is perhaps the biggest issue aside from the obvious crime.

    Totally agree on the moral compass aspect. Not a whole lot to look up to in pro sports. But then look at the lot of us, we follow fricken CYCLING…not exactly a scout troop.

    We hear about people killing people every day, and sad truth is, news media is always looking for something big and different. Vick and dogfighting was it.

  14. Thank god we ended up with a good one here in Bearland! Its about freakin’ TIME!

  15. Besides, the contract specifies that if he doesn’t meet certain performance standards they can just drown him.

  16. As a Cowboy fan from way before the Jerry Jones years. I have to say I was relieved (and sadly a little surprised) that JJ didn’t go get this guy. He hires every other thug and criminal in the league.

    You’re right about the Philly fans, they will show him no mercy.

  17. …sad day for the nfl…no integrity…

    …ok, if you guys think he’s “paid his dept to society”, fine but i can’t in good conscience enjoy the man’s work…

    …i watched the prick through his college years at vt…exciting & amazing quarterback, couldn’t wait ’til he hit the pros…

    …now…i could care less…

  18. I’ve been staying away because of the fucked up political views espoused by some. But I can’t be silent here. Vick is the worst kind of human garbage. “Paid his debt”? Not even a down payment. I will pray for the defeat-NO!- the ruination of any team that would tolerate him.

  19. You should probably pray for the complete demise of the nfl then, because I doubt any team WOULDN’T take him simply based on a moral/ethical basis.

    Some teams simply didn’t have the need so they weren’t interested, others were skittish because of the publicity/PR nightmare potential.
    We are talking big time pro sports here, and it is about winning and making money. You don’t drop a couple hundred bucks to go see a game because it features the world’s top humanitarians. you pay to see a lot of guys who basically are trained to play a game and win at all costs. NFL chews up incredible athletes and spits them out when they can’t keep up. Sure they get well compensated but what good is that Bentley when you can’t even drive it?
    I still love to watch the games but lets not kid ourselves about the people involved in all levels of the sport. Its about as saintly as pro cycling, except you can get busted for PEDs and pay a lot less.
    It is funny Philly would bring him on after the TO debacle…

  20. I’m not condoning Vick in any way here, but let’s at least pretend to remember that we kill defenseless animals for our own sport and fun and convenience every single day. That goes for the non meat-eaters, too. And I am not taking myself out of the equation.

    Vick was caught doing something we now consider to be barbaric, mainly because many of us have and love dogs as pets. But every time you drive a freeway, eat an orange, or flip a light switch you are doing so on the skeletons of animals that paid for it. Start drawing lines with too much conviction and somebody is going to point out that your line maybe needs to be moved somewhere further down the road to maintain logical consistency.

    Vick paid what our society asked him to pay. We don’t have to like him or to support him, but I say try to forgive and let him come back.

  21. I just hope some Philadelphia fans resurrect the Ron Mexico debacle. That was some funny stuff. When I lived in the area I saw several Atl. #7 jerseys with “Mexico” on the back on the streets and in the stadium. Good times.