Tennessee stud

Gentlemen, remove your hats and lift your glasses to the memory of the guardian of Jack Daniels, Jimmy Bedford, who died Friday at 69.

Sipping was one of his most important tasks, to ensure that Old No. 7 remained consistent, according to The New York Times. But he was not allowed to swallow.

“People tell me I have more will power than anyone they’ve ever known,” he said.

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8 thoughts on “Tennessee stud

  1. “I learned the art of whiskey evaluation from Jimmy,” said Mr. Arnett, who took over as master distiller last year. Mr. Bedford retired after being named in a sexual harassment suit that was settled out of court.


  2. I quit drinking Jack when they lowered the ABV to 40% from 43%. Add more water make more jack. Tell me Jimmy didn’t notice that.

  3. “…retired after being named in a sexual harassment suit…”

    “…settled out of court.”

    “…not allowed to swallow.”

    “People tell me I have more will power than anyone…”

    …you thinkin’ what i’m thinkin’ ???…

    …yep…despite the family, he was gay & he swallowed…seems obvious now, don’t it ???…

  4. …damn, n’ here i was just jokin’…“not that there’s anything wrong w/ that”…jokin’, i mean but i had a hot can a’ worms in my hand & didn’t know it…

    …the scott coors link is a pretty fascinating story…talk about dichotomies…modern drunkard magazine’s jack daniels history is interesting reading too…

    …me ???…i was a george dickel man back in the day …seems it’s now the only tennessee sippin’ whiskey…

  5. “Shit. The Jack Daniels and Coors family have openly gay memebers. Not that there is anything wrong with that… I’m just saying.”

    Jonny— hell, I’ll turn gay for a slice of the Coors fortune. :)

  6. As BJ as shown in many pics from the past, he knows what its all about. And thats Kentucky Bourban. Tennessee whiskey doesn’t hold a candle to it…

    You can’t even sale alcohol in Lynchburg, TN.

    I’ll be tipping a glass of Woodford…