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10 thoughts on “Susan

  1. It’s a horrible situation, and they handled it like nothing I am capable of. I don’t know Fatty and his family, like you I only read the blog.

    But I gotta tell you, but I’ve cryed when I thought of their young children.

  2. Damn, thats sad.

    My mom is going through a similar situation with her boyfriend and it looks like his time is coming very soon.

    He’s fought for a couple of years and has been stronger than I think I could ever be.

    My condolences to Fatty and his family.

  3. Just heartbreaking. It’s the courage of people like Susan who stand in there and go toe-to-toe with the Beast that will eventually inspire enough people to support the cause and get this thing done.

  4. …there’s a lotta strength, beauty & utter sadness in that situation…

    …got in late from a road ride last evening, saw the news & just sat there in my sweaty kit & shed some deep tears for fatty & susan…& ya, i only “knew” them from elden’s blog…

    ..the two of ’em touched a lotta hearts & even w/ susan passed on, they will continue to do so…

  5. Elden has over 2,100 comments and condolences on his blog this morning. Their story has touched a lot of people. One of the nicest is what the Twin Six guys did to their website http://www.twinsix.com .

  6. To the loved ones of Susan:

    Nothing I can say will help. I will only say that no story accept for personal lose has driven me to tears like hearing that news. Your story wether you believe it or not has inspired so many people either fighting cancer or loved ones of fighting cancer to keep going. I hope that somehow I can carry a piece of your story to all of my friends and give Susan the respect she deserves!! My thoughts and tears are with you as you go on!!!