Everyday I read a few blogs. Most of them are about nothing, some are just old friends that I try and stay up to date in their lives. One of these blogs kills me. Everyday I come into work, sit down, turn on the computer and go to this one.

With a sort of grace, humility, strength, hope, love, that I would never be able to pen.

Fat Cyclist

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10 thoughts on “Everyday

  1. Fatty is an amazing guy.

    Great blogger, great writer, great father, great husband.

    Required reading, whether you bike or not.

    FatCyclist is a blog that begs to be published in book form.

  2. I second Woogie’s comments.

    I wish I could be half the person he is.
    I am riding the Philly LiveStrong challenge on the FatCyclist team.

    Win Susan.

  3. Thanks for that link Snake, I needed to be reminded of how lucky I am and how often I take things for granted. I was very moved by Fatty’s words as well. Might just be life changing.

  4. What’s the racist state in America?

    Alabama. hahaah

    Seriously though, Clinton had a press conference a week ago in which he stated all nations (canada, sweden, france…) spend about 10-12% gdp on public health care.
    Having no public option costs us 16% gdp.

    The newest repub commercial against public health care is that old people and babies will die if the pub option passes. Old people will die because the money is going to be spent on abortions LOL.
    Though nothing in the bill has to do with abortions at all.

  5. Six years ago an 18 wheeler ran over my wife’s car. Crushed her little Chevy Cavalier and shattered both her legs. Three months in a hospital, a year and a half in a wheelchair, eight surgeries and now she is (mostly sorta) okay. That was real bad, for her, me and our little girl. But it wasn’t shit compared to what this guy and his loved ones have to be going through. Fatty, I will keep you all in my prayers.

  6. I’ve nothing but the deepest respect for that man and what his family is going through.

    I won’t lie – I lack the strength to read his site daily. It is a kick in the face, a sobering bucket of cold water, a jolt of terror… all that and more.

    I wish him and his family nothing but the best.