That’s what I’m talking about!

Wiggo. Full stop.

Wiggins is racing well and climbing well, and letting other riders know it. While pedaling up a tough climb with other top riders in the Pyrenees last week, he shouted, again and again, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Some riders, including Levi Leipheimer, gave him an odd look. Leipheimer later asked one of Wiggins’s teammates, David Zabriskie, what on earth was going on.

I love that guy. New piece over at cyclingnews worth reading: Tour result changes everything for Wiggins.

You can count me in as one of his fans.

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14 thoughts on “That’s what I’m talking about!

  1. Ditto

    I just hope and pray that those that appear to be the obvious non PED users
    are actually that

    Gods Speed

  2. wiggins also rode a strong paris roubaix this year. how high up on the tdf gc do we have to look to find another bike racer capable of good results at paris roubaix? props wiggo!

  3. Nothing like a man telling jokes from the door of his pain cave!! That sounds like somebody that would be fun to ride with. Now, let’s see, I’ve just got to lose. . .(carry the one) 40 more lbs to even come close to holding his wheel. =o)

  4. talking to yourself is a habit formed from the countless hours going around and around the oval to the right all by yourself

  5. round to the left is what I tried to say my other right. I only rub with the right maybe that the freudian slip you were hoping for

    same theory applies

    not sure wtf I was thinking really except the velodrome is a mind fuck and motherfuckers talk to themselves all the time

    not sure what there is to retract though

    maybe if they mixed in one right turn now and again it would be exciting. Like Sr. in NASCAR. the most exciting race ever was the one where he decided to mix in just one right turn

  6. wiggo the next tour podium? I dont think so. especially if he goes with British Cycling Pro team. It was a great ride however

    although Garmin took second in the team tour GC I still think their season this year is a disappointment.

  7. Wiggans is under contract with Garmin for at least one more year, and he’s very happy there as well. Vaughters is equally stoked on him, obviously, so it wouldn’t be a shock if he resigned when his contract runs out.

  8. During the Olympics Wiggins used to get phone calls from the musician Paul Weller (of solo and, ‘The Jam’ fame, referred to as, ‘The Modfather’ over this side of the pond), urging him on to greater things, usually heavily expetive ladened, according to the press. As a UK Olympian he was tested to the ‘Nth’ degree constantly and never once gave a wobble. Over here we’re just stoked. On the track we’ve got the Hoymeister, on the sprints we’ve got Cav and on everything else including GC, we’ve got Wiggins, and then there’s the ladies…… A character and a half is Wiggins, an interviewers dream, as he’s never short of some razor wit……….Bring it on…….

  9. Wiggo is the shit. Should be on the dirt. Need more roadies like him and def need more of that in the pelican. Fuck Bruyneel and all his clinched clones. Most of all FUCK AC. Talent for sure but the mofo can’t even win right….

  10. Wiggo is under contract? no shit. damn thanks for the heads up

    can you ask him if he will sign my chamois and tell him I said hi

    gob bro

    vaughters while you are at it ask ol JV if he will lend me one of those turtlenecks he wears in the summer?

  11. funny thing is gumski wiggo didnt say shit in the tv interviews here and was mr monotone. not that it matters. care to retract?

  12. …butts…no worries, mate..retract ‘right’ for ‘left’ is all…

    …damn, dude, harsh on that most famous daytona left…& that’s why they’ve got watkins & infineon (sears .)…

    …actually the wiggo interviews were kinda neat & revealing…“stuff you, frankie or robbie or whoever the fuck you are…i’m bleedin’ workin’ here, mate & i got me ‘one day at a time’ focus on, i’m not lookin’ much down the road beyond my front wheel so why don’t you wake the fuck up, listen to what i’m telling you & don’t be such a bloody git…right ???”..

  13. Hey and Wiggo knows how to properly celebrate with our old friend Jack according to his twitter posts yesterday:

    “Hung over and tired today, The Jack Daniels was a bad idea”

    Followed by:
    “2 lamps went missing from the Garmin party last night, Jury’s still out as to who is responsable!”