The Dope Show

It’s a shame that any outstanding performances these days fall under suspicion. While watching the Giro, I couldn’t help but wonder about the efforts of Di Luca and Menchov, but now it appears we know why. Di Luca tests positive for Cera twice in the Giro. Dude, that shit is soooooo 2008.

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8 thoughts on “The Dope Show

  1. Disappointing. I was mildly suspicious at the way Di Luca could launch one explosive acceleration after another on the climbs. That seems to be the mark of a doper, ala Ricco.

    I wonder, is there any rider in the current Tour, who seems to be able to rip the legs off the entire peloton on the climbs? A guy who might put two minutes into Lance Armstrong on the way up to a Swiss ski resort? Nah.

  2. …but damn…he looked good doing it, no ???…& in italia, that counts for something…

  3. I don’t want to say Menchov is clean, because I have no idea… But it is nice to see that he’s good and burned through this July after that effort in the Giro. When they go full tilt for month after month I have to wonder… He looks, well, human.

    CERA. Go figure.

  4. Someone on this website said Di luca looked “synthetic” like monthes ago . Was that Gnome ?

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