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I am rocking the Keystone State. Got in late Saturday and have been going like a bat out of hell since. In pretty close to the order of occurrence I ate four (4) soft pretzels, a cheese steak (wid peppers & onions), hit a day trip to the shore (the water a brisk 68 degrees), and ate the best pizza in the world (two times).

I have also been drinking three (3) varieties of Yuengling like it’s going out of style; the Lager, the Lord Chesterfield Ale, and the Black & Tan. I don’t fuck with the light offerings – I drink enough of that swill “lite beer” when I’m at home in Phoenix grinding it out with 4.5 million of my closest and dearest friends in the desert. It’s a dry heat.

This morning in Pennsylvania it was all of, are you ready for this Phoenix, 58 degrees. The day I left Arizona it was 112. I set my AC at 80 in my house because that feels cold. Yes, I brought a sweater with me. And, yes, I’ve already worn it.

I’m a sissy.

Tour is off the chain. Cav is the man, hands down. Kid is like a rocket.

From: Dan F.
Subject: Anther one…
Big J –

Hey man, a local racer here in the Fort got tagged yesterday on a weekly lunch ride. From the initial emails that were flying around, I think some of us are happy that he is in ‘serious’ condition. He needs O+ blood and they are low or out of it at the human shop so I thought you might hit a few people that our local email lists have not. Here is a little more info…

I know you unfortunately probably get lots of these emails but anything you could do with it would be appreciated by Stuart, his family and the Fort Collins cycling crew.

On a lighter side, here is your boy Steve sometime before or after he put that stellar utube video together about sealing up your bike tires.


Thanks a lot and I hope you came across a Moser Leader frame since the last time we talked. Everytime I swing a leg over the race bike, I have to tell myself that I’m riding it because it’s light and stiff and that the Moser needs to stay on the wall today. It hurts man, it hurts.


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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

14 Replies to “Open Thread”

  1. Since when is the “moderation” back? I thought that went away… Or is it just because of the video link?
    For anyone who enjoyed this as much as I did, there is a longer version. No catchy song, but more video.

  2. Big J, hows bout you cut even looser and head up to Husky’s for a piece. We can’t drink Yuengling, but Troegs we got. Good times to be had for sure. Maybe a rematch in the GO Karts? Double er nothin’!!


  3. Glad to hear full imbibations are in progress in PA.

    I have a case of lager and one bottle of black and tan stashed away for special occasion, but might kill for some Lord Chest. Ale, haven’t had that in way too long. Or a good cheese steak. Or 58 degrees…

    Interstingly enough, I CAN find Genny Cream Ale in select distributors. WTF?

  4. priata, where the hell are you finding the genny cream ale? i used to avoid that like the plague but it’d kill for a smooth green sixer these days.

    big j, if you go race go carts with dudes named buck and husky, i want photos and a full report. that sounds like some good back woods pa material!

    take him up on the troegs!

  5. Yuengling is cheap and plentiful around here. And the best cheese steaks I ever had are just up the road. I swear it’s a fucking miracle I don’t weigh 300 pounds.

  6. Yuengling is good and all, and price has always remained reasonable , especially for the premium. Try some real craft eastern pa beer like, Victory, Troegs or Stoudts. For a good starter go with the pils.

  7. I miss home. Drives me crazy when you post about a visit. Drink a Porter for me. We only have Lager, Black and Tan, and Light in Nashvegas. I would prefer to not talk about pizza… damnit!

  8. dd, I’m all aboot the micros, eh. I like Troegs alot, especially Mad Elf. Crap, why can’t it be Christmas all year long? As for the hoppier varieties not so much. Yet when I can afford Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA it’s a great day. Go figure.

    And the best ever was Gordon’s beer from Oscar Blues. I paid around fifteen bucks for a four pack and was skeptical, but at the first taste I was amazed they would sell something that good for so little money. Amazing stuff.

  9. I live about a mile from the Victory Brew Pub in Downingtown. 2 words. Golden Monkey. That stuff will put you on your ass in a hurry. 9.6%!!!!

  10. Day 23 of the 55 day Dream of getting paid to ride from NYC to LA. In Kansas City, Missouri today. Drank 42 Below Vodka last night, compliments of the ride sponsor. Still averaging 80 miles a day on the trip from NYC to LA. I’ve been cutting down on the calories as rolling over the Rockies and Sierras requires me to be as close to scrawny as my brawny allows.

  11. 12, cru, saison, , monk all kick, yet drink rarely, wild is ful of funk but will taste in a few. Drafts are crazy in the joint and we always have a solid crue to ride some ard xc.